Fair Fashion Outfit with Erie Berlin

It is Fair Fashion Friday! So let’s say YAY for another fair fashion summer look.

In today’s post I am featuring Erie Berlin, a small label from Berlin that I have been talking about on the blog back HERE.

I cannnot say often enough how much I LOVE to get to now the designers who make my clothes and to know exactly where the fabric and everything is coming from; well, basically to know that my clothes have not been in contact with child labor or toxins.

The linen my dress here is made off, is growing in Germany, the color (isn’t it beautiful?) is 100% plant based and the dress was made by hand from Hannah, the designer behind Erie Berlin herself. Can it get any more ethical? I doubt it 🙂

By the way, this necklace from Jane Koenig became one of my favorites and I wear it a lot these days. You can also get it with two or three pendants. I chose to get only one, just one with one R for me, Rosa 😉

My earrings however, are from Belle et la Bete, a jewelry label from Leipzig, the city where I live. I wear Tine’s (the designer behind the brand) earrings all the time and they made it on the blog a couple of times already.

Talking about accessoires; you may have seen my silver loafers on the blog already!? I LOVE them and get soooo many compliments for them 🙂

They are sustainably made in Portugal and are from the Germany based fair fashion label Nine to Five.

For now, have a wonderful weekend everyone! I am off to the countryside with my little one, strolling through woods and feeding horses. I absolutely enjoy spending time in nature with my girl and most definetly need those little time offs every now and then. Who is with me?

And how do you like this fair fashion outfit of mine? I would love to know! In case you like the dress, make sure to check out Erie Berlin!


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