Fair Fashion Outfit with Deerberg Young Collection

Spring is here and I am back with a new fair fashion and second hand outfit. Spring made me go out and explore new places so the setting for these pictures here today is a little more adventurous than the usual.

For today’s look I am mixing up second hand pieces with a brand new sweater from the brand new Young Collection from Deerberg. I am also wearing handmade jewelery from a friend of mine and my Nine to Five Loafer. Since the culottes are second hand and the jewelery is from a friend of mine, all focus is on the sweater today …

The sweater is from Deerberg, as I wrote above. Deerberg is a brand that, let’s be honest, I used to see on my mother and other women above 60 years of age. Well, until this month! Because only a month ago, Deerberg launched their very first Young Collection and it does include a few really nice pieces!

All pieces in the new collection are made under fair conditions from organic cotton and linen. They are really nice on the skin, have a great quality and come mainly in warm blue and earth tones. Perfect for Spring and Summer!

They are comparatively low in price, so this sweater here is 40€ and you will be able to find a cute dress or some cozy pants for around 50€. I write “comparatively” beacuse I compare to other fair fashion labels; not to fast fashion pieces that are made by women working for almost nothing on pieces that contain more chemicals than I could probably count.

I actually know the brand Deerberg since I am child because my mother wears their clothes a lot. She loves the brand since 30 years now because she knows she can trust on their quality. It is all about slow fashion; and when a piece lasts you for 30 years than this is what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle!

When I told my mother that Deerberg wanted to cooperate with me for their new young collection, she got all excited and it was so fun to see how happy and proud she was that I am actually going to post about a brand that she knows since 30 years 😀

You can find the sweater HERE

And you can find the entire Young Collection HERE

And in case you wonder were I found those pretty silver shoes… they are the same I have been wearing on the blog a lot and you can find them HERE

How do you like this outfit? And how do you feel about wearing baby blue? It is actually one of my favorite colors for Spring. I love to combine it with white or jeans. What are your favorite Spring colors?


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. April 19, 2018 / 12:06 am

    I am definitely excited for spring weather. I am wanting to get out and explore as well! I think baby blue is a great spring color!