Fair Fashion Outfit with Dawn Denim and ThokkThokk

Happy Friday everyone! It’s Fair Fashion Friday so I am back with another fair fashion outfit. Another try to show you that fair and ethically produced clothes made from natural and organic materials can be cool and stylish and fashionable and all of it 😀

So for today’s attempt to change your consumer choices from fast to fair fashion I want to focus on a denim label that is producing all organic and fair trade jeans.

And yes, it is still t-shirt weather around here, so I am still showing off naked arms instead of cuddling up in knit layers. I am absolutely looking forward to layering, but for now I am happy to wear my t-shirts for just a little longer 😀

So let’s focus on those jeans for a second. Dawn Denim is a Germany based company producing fair and ethical denim and basics in Vietnam.

The jeans that I am wearing here is from their low impact line. The label’s aim is to slowly get their entire collection into a “low impact” collection. So far not all of their jeans are organic even though all of them a fairly produced and the company is part of the fair wear foundation.

The DAWN low impact line goes further than just being fair; the jeans are produced using less water and no chemicals at all! The washed effect on the jeans are made with a laser instead of chemicals, the cotton is organic and the polyester part in the jeans (stretch) is made from recycled PET bottles. Further are all products from the low impact line vegan and PETA certified.

DAWN is doing their best to have a good impact in Vietnam instead of exploiting workers – as many fast fashion labels do. Among other things, DAWN supports an orphanage’s sewing school in Vietnam by supplying material and machines. Apart from this, they have developed a training programme to provide young women and men the vocation to find regular jobs.

The fun shirt in pastel colors that I am wearing here is from ThokkThokk, a label that you most probably know if you visited my blog before – I wear a lot of ThokkThokk basics!

When you order, always make sure to order a size up – they pieces run smaller than the usual!

I really like this shirt for it’s fun print and the super soft organic cotton fabric. However, ThokkThokk has looooads of options for basic tshirt both with print and without. I have a small collection of shirts in my closet and, as I wrote above, most of my basic shirts are from that label.

I really do enjoy the fun cut of my DAWN jeans here, the twisted seam adds a little extra to the skinny fit style, and the ankle lenght is my favorite to combine with my silver loafers or with sneakers anyway.

How do you like it?

How are your experiences with fair and organic jeans so far? I had a hard time finding some really well fitting fair trade jeans in like forever. Back in the days it was difficult to find modern cuts and then a lot of organic companies didn’t want to use elasthan in their jeans since it is not a natural fabric. However, today, there a so many awesome fair fashion jeans label out there! You will still have to search a bit when you are looking for a really well fitting skinny fit one, but with DAWN in your back of your head, you now know where to start looking 🙂

I want to be honest with you guys anyway; before getting this jeans here from DAWN I had two other fair trade jeans in my closet- both too wide and not skinny enough to really become a favorite. I mean I do wear them too and I do enjoy them too, but they are too loose to really look super cool (or not wide enough). So what I did in the past years was that I still shopped some second hand skinny jeans from other (not fair) labels to make sure I get one with just enough stretch and a modern fit. I am pretty happy to have this DAWN jeans now because that one does have a nice skinny fit and enough stretch – finally!

And a fun picture of me to end this post with 😀

I guess this is my “oh life I love you so” kind of face 😀

Now happy weekend to all of you! I will be back next week with a critical debate on living a sustainable and conscious life and with another fair fashion post… and maybe with an interview that I want to share since weeeeeks but where I still miss some answers before being able to publish.

So stay tuned, make sure to leave a comment and share what your favorite jeans label is and also I would love to see you sharing some love on instagram – you know what the algorythm is like and that every one of your clicks and comment means a lot!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. September 7, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    This looks nice! Does it come in plus size? A lot of fair and economic companies sadly don’t do it show plus size and really only look good on up and down straight/thin.
    I tried Armed angels, Grüne Erde and Hess Natur, and only Hess Natur was really good for larger size and the quality I expect. For formal/going out I stick to quality like MaxMara, Ghost or Margaret Howell, some new some second hand – classic style so extremely well made it last ages. But I’m open to recommendation for fair fashion that does more inclusive sizing and especially good vegan shoes !

    • September 13, 2018 / 3:14 pm

      Aw thank you so much for your feedback. I think plus sizes are quite a difficult topic when it comes to fair fashion. However, I believe that Mia from heylilahey.com once wrote a blog post all about shopping fair in plus sizes! Maybe that could be intersting for you :)!?