Fair Fashion Outfit with Coromandel and Nine to Five

Ready for a new fair fashion outfit? This one here is featuring two German brands, one even from my city – Leipzig! We are talking about Coromandel and Nine to Five. But one step at a time.

So first of all; this is my first culottes look of the year 2017! I love culottes since years and wear them a lot and every year around this time of the year they make it on the blog. This year I found two new ones second hand and I love both of them. I will make sure to share the other others soon. These ones here are the most comfy I have ever had and I wear them like all the time. Love them loads!

So I combined this second hand love-love-love-piece of mine with a fair fashion shirt and some fair fashion shoes. Also I am wearing the necklace my mother gifted to me a couple of weeks back.

How do you like these silver loafers? I am somewhat in love with them! They are from the German fair fashion label Nine to Five. I have been blogging about Nine to Five a bit already since I have this super lovely belt from them. Nine to Five is making high quality leather goods that are made to last a lifetime.

I know, leather is not vegan! And this is why I always say “I eat a vegan diet” but not “I am vegan”. I have been trying around with vegan shoe options but they simply do not last! And I personally find it more sustainable to keep a pair of leather shoes for ten years or so instead of buying a pair of vegan shoes like twice every season. The leather shoes that I have, I take them to the shoemaker once a year and they really do last for around ten years!

So about the shirt. Coromandel Fashion is from Leipzig, which is my city, and their slogan is “ignorance no more”. That has basically been enough to convince me about wanting to share something about this brand. But there is more to the story, obviously. So not only are all their shirts and sweaters organic and fair trade but they do also work with international designers when it comes to the prints on the shirts. All pieces of art have something to do with sustainability and/or animal welfare, consumerism, human rights, poverty, etc.

They have so many great prints in their online shop! The rhino here on my shirt is one of my favorites, but check out all the other designs from artists all over the world!

How do you like this look? Make sure to leave a comment to let me know.

Have a great week!



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  1. Mai 31, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    Culottes are brilliant! I think they are a seriously underrated item of clothing! I have one new pair this year from Miss Patina with cats embroidered around the hem- they are very comfy and great fun.
    I do agree with you about the shoes. I’m not vegan or even veggie (though I do eat mainly veggie at home…) but it does make sense in terms of sustainability to use strong leather shoes. i read an article on the fact that some of the cheap plastic shoes made my some brands might take 200 years to degrade which sounds terrible!!!!
    P.S. Hello by the way! I clicked on your name in someone else’s blog (not sure who!) as I liked the sound of your blog and what I found was certainly right up my street!