Fair Fashion Outfit Inspiration with ThokkThokk and LANA Organic

Do you STILL think that fair fashion looks all “eco”? Well, let me inspire you with yet another fair fashion outfit and show you that fair, ethical, and sustainable outfits can be pretty cool!

For today’s outfit I am going with the oversized trend that I love anyway – it just hardly gets any comfier, and yet I think you always look cool with an oversized outfit. For today’s post I went for some wide pleat pants and a boxy blouse … 

I have been showing this blouse in one of my pregnancy outfits a few months ago. Back then I wore it open, like a light summer jacket. You can find the post here.

I really like boxy blouses like this one here, as they add a certain “cool touch” to every outfit. Also, since they can be worn both closed (like here) and open (like in the other post) they are super versatile and can be combined in countless ways. I also find that this boxy shape without collar makes the blouse timeless, and I am sure I will be able to wear it for many years to come.

It is not only because of the style that I will be able to wear it many years, but als because of the fabric! The blouse is made from a thick (yet not too thick – you can still wear it on hot days) organic cotton that is most definetly made to last!

By the way, the blouse is available in yellow and pink as well and I just looove them both! Wouldn’t mind having them in my closet as well 😀

Since the blouse is part of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection from LANA, it is actually on sale right now.

The pants as well are made of organic cotton and they are from ThokkThokk. ThokkThokk is another label that made it on my blog quite a few times already!

Most of my (and my husband’s) basic tshirts are from the label as ThokkThokk just knows how to make the perfect fit. At least this is what we find. My husband is pretty much ONLY wearing ThokkThokk shirts because he is constantly unhappy with the fit of others.

Recently, however, ThokkThokk got and more into not only making amazing basics but also cool blouses, pants, and other pieces that I would call “fashionable”. I have been sharing some other really cool cotton pants from the label back in this post. And you will find a lot more from the label when you just enter ThokkThokk into the search-field of my blog.

Anyway, today is about these pleat pants!

The pants come in a loose fit, however, I have to admit that I always order at least one size up, when I order at ThokkThokk because most shirts run smaller than the true size. However, I think these pants fit true to size, so I think I could have ordered them a size down. Anyway, if you want to know what they look like when they are less oversized then just check them out on the ThokkThokk website. Also check out the website if you want to see what they look like when they are perfectly ironed … I am just not really good in ironing my clothes 😀

Do you think they look too big on me or do you think this wide fit actually suits the outfit?

With today’s outfit I am wearing my vegan sneakers from Nine to Five that I’ve been wearing since over a year now and that I still LOVE!

They are super comfortable and they are GOLDEN 😀

Oh, and they are – so far- the only vegan sneakers I tried that actually lasts and do not fall apart after a few weeks or months!

Now, I would love to know how you like this all vegan, fair, and ethical outfit! Share your opinion in the comments or email me <3


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. August 9, 2019 / 12:21 pm

    What a nice blouse. I have a shirt made from similar material and I plan to wear it for decades. It’s good when clothing is built to last.