Fair Fashion Outfit Inspiration for Late Summer 2019

Summer is slowly cooling down over here and I am wearing jeans again for the first time since fooooorever. For today I have yet another fair fashion outfit inspiration for your; with some sustainable low impact jeans, an ethical fashion blouse, and my vegan sneakers.

The weather over here is super weird these days; we are having very cold mornings and one can tell that Fall is not too far now, however, whenever the sun is popping through the grey clouds it is getting very hot. So I am wearing  blouses quite often these days; when it is cold I wear the sleeves rolled down and when it is getting warm, I roll them up. For me blouses work great for this weather. I also like wearing loose cotton pants when the weather is switching from hot to cold to hot again several times during the day. But I am also slowly transitioning into jeans again. I haven’t been wearing jeans in forever, as I did not fit in them during my pregnancy, so I do enjoy re-discovering all the jeans in my closet right now 😀

Do you sometimes “shop your own closet”? During pregnancy I wasn’t able to wear half of my clothes so now that I am back in my before-pregnancy-shape I absolutely enjoy “shopping” my own closet and rediscovering all the items that didn’t fit in a long time. Also, since a few new pieces entered my wardrobe during pregnancy (all non-pregnancy items though!) I now enjoy combining the new items with the old ones. 

So here I am wearing my dawn denim jeans that made it on the blog last year already (you can find the post here) and combined them with a brand new blouse from Deerberg (from their new Fall 2019) collection.

The blouse is actually a long blouse that can worn with leggings as well, or, when you are rather short it could even go as a blouse dress. I decided to wear it knotted as I currently really enjoy doing so with my long blouses (I may post another outfit with a knotted longblouse sometime soon – I just won’t promose that I do so as there is soooo much in the pipeline waiting right now). But when I’m at home I also wear it like a loose blouse dress (for outside I find it too short).

How do you like knotted blouses?

By the way, with this outfit I am also wearing my nine to five vean sneakers and bag. Both are from last year and both are among my all time favorite accessoires that I wear aaaaall the time.

I am also wearing my sustainble and ethical Nordgreen watch that I have been writing about back here.

This outfit is – like all my outfit inspirations – all ethical and fairly made. That means there is no child labor, no chemicals, no toxins, no exploitaton of neither labor nor environment involved. And I hope this outfit is another proof that you can look great AND be all ECO and GREEN 😀 

Please think twice before supporting (with your money) exploitation, child labor, unethical working conditions etc etc etc!

For today’s post I am keeping it short, as we are only 12 (!!!) days before our departture for a one year trip around Europe. The days are pretty busy right now and I have so much yet to prepare: or the blog and for the trip. So I will leave you here for today and will be back soon with another blog post that I am already looking forward to to share 😀

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. August 21, 2019 / 1:24 am

    Very stylish outfit. It’s possible to look good and help the planet at the same time!