Fair Fashion Oufit with Lanius and Nine to Five

I am excited to share another fair fashion outfit with you! Another proof that eco fashion is everything but boring, grey or yesterday 😀

I love this outfit and wear it a lot these days. It is actually perfect for summer this year, because here in Germany the weather is rather cold. The loose pants and wide blouse are great for warmer days and yet keep me warm enough on colder days too.

The pictures from today’s post are made by my sweet friend Nicole from When Sweet Becomes Healthy. She is making the BEST ever raw cakes and healthy sweets – and she knows how to take outfit pictures!

So I am wearing a blouse from the German fair fashion label Lanius. The blouse was a gift from my mother – out of nothing she gave it to me the other day and I was sooo happy of course.

The pants are actually second hand. I found them on a flea market in Berlin some 5 years ago. I bought them for 2€ at the time and they have been my favorites ever since. I have been wearing them a couple of times on the blog and will for sure wear them here again.

My shoes are from Nine to Five, a sustainable fair fashion accessoires label from Germany. I LOVE them and I get so many compliments for them what makes me love them even more 😀 Aren’t they so cool? I have been wearing them back in this post here too.

My belt is from the same brand. It’s my favorite ever. It comes in various colors and I think I may need a few more colors in my life, actually 😀

Just a few words about my accessoires. My earrings are from Belle et la Bete, a small company from my city, Leipzig. I love Tine’s work and wear her earrings almost every day.

Tine is also making beautiful necklaces that I am wearing a lot, however this necklace here is from a Danish brand: Jane Koenig is making loads of different absolutely beautiful jewelery pieces, very unique ones and very classic ones. Feel free to check them out: Jane Koenig

Did you know I grew up next to the Danish border and that I went to Danish school and university? My husband used to live in Copenhagen, where the label is based; I guess this is what makes me like Jane Koenig even more 😉

How do you like this outfit? Would you have guessed that it is all ethical, eco and organic? I would love to know!


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  1. Juli 26, 2017 / 1:35 pm

    I love your blouse and of course the jewelery!The necklace is so my style! ☺ And I really like the color of your bag. In here it’s rather cold since 2 days, but we had the best weather during our holidays by the sea, we came back on Monday and it was so fun! I bought really prwtty amber earrings.However I missed cooking during our time off, so now I’m cooking like crazy for a whole day😁Have a lovely week, hugs☺☺☺