Fair Fashion Myths Disproved Part 1: Fair Fashion is Too Expensive

Happy Fair Fashion Friday! I want to take this fair fashion friday as an opportunity to start a new series: the Fair Fashion Myths Disproved series! I am going to share a few fair fashion myths in the coming weeks – and I am going to disprove them all 😀

Today I want to start with a myth that I know maaany out there believe in: fair fashion is hyper expensive!

Many people out there keep telling me that they cannot afford fair fashion because they simply do not have the money to invest in sustainable pieces. But you know what? You can! It’s easy! Allow me to tell you how…

I am going to share three ways on how to shop fair and sustainable fashion on a budget:

  1. Shop second hand
  2. Swap clothes with friends
  3. Take advantages of SALE

Ready? Then read on…

1. Shop Second Hand

Shopping second hand clothes is the most sustainable way of shopping anyway! Why? Because you do not have to use new resources for your new clothes. They are already there anyway! Millions of tons of clothes are taken to land fills every year all around the world. Clothes that are still perfectly fine! Clothes that have been worn once or twice – or even not at all.

There are different great ways on how to do your second hand shopping. Do you prefer shopping online or offline? Both is possible when shopping second hand!

– You can visit fleamarkets and stroll around the market; just check your hometown for the different flea markets available. Especially in larger cities you will find fleamarkets where mostly clothes are sold and others where all kind of stuff is sold. Always check out the style of the vendors: you like their style? Then you will probably be able to find something nice at that booth!

– You can visit second hand shops. Even in small towns you will be able to find a second hand shop. Check what they have and if you like their collection; if not just go to another one. When you first have found your favorite second hand shop, you can come back every now and then to see what they have.

– You can shop second hand clothes online. By now, there are second hand online shops available in most countries. Just google (but use ecosia and not google when doing so 😀 ) your country and “second hand online” and I am sure you will find something. Here in Germany there are different apps and websites available by now. Shopping second hand online, however, can be tricky, as you are not able to check if the piece of garment you like really is a good state or if only the pictures make it look good.

My tip for second hand shopping: even if you might feel tempted to buy a lot because everything is cheap, check the quality of the item! Check if it is made from a natural material (cotton, linen, hemp, tencel…) or from polyester. Check if you really need it and if you really want it.

2. Swap clothes with friends

Your friends have style? Then swap clothes! Or just borrow clothes. You can never wear all of your clothes at once anyway, so why not giving a pair of jeans to a friend for a week and get a funky sweater instead!?

Swapping parties are the funniest thing ever anyway, so get your friends together, bring some clothes, get some drinks and some snacks and make a fun try-on and keep-or-leave-it party! You will be free to combine different pieces, play around with different styles and take home your favorites after a fun afternoon with your best friends.

That’s SO much more fun than strolling through the always-same shopping centers, I promise!

My tip for swapping: organize a swap party where every person invited brings someone you do not know yet – like that there will be even more styles available 🙂

3.Take advantages of SALE

Fair Fashion Labels have sales too 😀

And in case you are on a budget and the above two options aren’t really for you, you can make GREAT deals when checking out the sales! Like right now there is summer sale everywhere. Just google (you know I mean use ecosia when I write this) “fair fashion sale” and you will be able to find loads and loads of options! And you can make absolutely awesome deals …

For my German readers deerberg.de could be a nice place to start looking for great offers. They have a huge sale on their young collection and you can get pieces for up to 65% off. You can get a simple shirt made from 100% organic cotton and produced under fair condition for some 7,99€ or a nice sweater for as little as 15,99€ (I am wearing the exact same sweater in this post). The blouse that I am wearing here in this post is on sale too by the way…

My tip for sale shopping: you will make the best deals with the bigger fair fashion companies and with online shops selling different ethical brands. So even though I do usually love to support really small labels and I think it’s great to buy from them directly, I do recommend checking out the bigger labels and online shops when on a budget and looking for the best sale options.

Finally, there is one last point I want to draw some attention too: many fast fashion labels are actually equally pricy compared to fair fashion labels! When you shop Primark and H&M you will pay less, for sure. However, there are SO many labels out there (Nike, Hollister, whatever they are called…) where you pay the same amount of money for a jeans or a shirt as you would do when buying it from a fair fashion label. And yet, not more money is going to the garment workers – quite in contrast, actually! Often the same factories produce for H&M and for Hollister and the same salary is paid to everyone.

So when thinking about investing 100€ in a pair of denim think about what kind of company you want to support and what kind of world you would like to live in – one where people and nature are exploited or one where nature and humans are treated with respect?

Now I am very much looking forward to your feedback and cannot wait to read your thoughts! Absolutely make sure to let me know if you need any specific help with finding good deals online, with shopping second hand or with another topic all around fair fashion. It’s my pleasure to help you – it’ not only my pleasure actually, it’s what I truely LOVE to do. There is hardly anything that makes me more happy than to inspire and help you to move towards a greener and more sustainable and fair lifestyle!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Juli 27, 2018 / 10:34 pm

    I agree with all your points made! It is easy to be more sustainable with fashion choices! Just today I was looking for a shirt from Braintree for my husband and they had some good sale items!

    • September 13, 2018 / 3:19 pm

      Thats so good to hear! Yes, sometimes it might cost a little more time to find good choice for a reasonable price but it is so worth it!