Ethical and Fair Maternity Outfit with LANA Organic: Wrap Dress!

Here we go with yet another ethical and fair maternity outfit. Maybe my last one, maybe not. Noone knows, except maybe for that little one in my belly who may arrive today – or in four weeks …

Today’s maternity outfit is with LANA Organic, a label that I have been writing about back here. Today I am again wearing a dress, as dresses absolutely are the most comfortable to wear at this stage of pregnancy.

I’ve been wearing dresses in and out this pregnancy and there isn’t any other style of clothes that I’ve been wearing more often. During the colder months, I’ve been wearing dresses with tights and these days I wear them with bare legs. Both works well, but I am actually happy to not have to wear tights any longer – more freedom for the belly 😉

You can find some inspiration on how to style dresses for pregnancy in these posts: with tights, without tights, shirt dress, and fitted dress.

So for today’s post I am wearing a dress that is especially perfect for pregnancy – and for everyone not pregnant.

What makes this dress so special, so endlessly comfy, and so perfect is the fact that it is a wrap dress!

And not only that; it can actually be worn two ways! With a big belly, however, it looks only good one way, so in case you are interested in seeing the other way, just hop over to LANA Organic and check it out there.

The dress is from the current Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

The dress is made from 100% organic cotton, is – I said it already – super comfy, and it really goes with every shape of body and yes, even with a huuuuge baby bump. You can wrap it higher or lower, depending on which body party you would like to emphasize. When wearing it the other way around, you will end up with a v-neck which is very pretty too.

I will make sure to share what the dress looks like on my non-pregnant body in a couple of months from now (I will do my best to do so with ALL my maternity looks – because ALL of them are non-maternity wear and can be worn as a non-pregnant person as well!).

By the way, with this dress I am wearing a shirt jacket which is as well from the current Spring/Summer collection from LANA Organic.

You can wear it like I do here, as a jacket on top of a dress or shirt. Or you can wear it like a blouse. When you do not have a huge baby bump, like I do, it comes with an oversized fit which looks really cool. You can check it out in the LANA onlineshop, right here.

So this post and this maternity outfit is supposed to be another inspiration for everyone who would agree on the fact that it isn’t very sustainable to wear a ton of maternity clothes – just to throw them out again after pregnancy! I am in week 38, so I am at the very end of my pregnancy, and yet I do still not wear maternity wear, but rather pieces that go perfectly for pregnancy, and beyond.

How do you like this outfit? Is that something you would like to wear, no matter if pregnant or not? I would love to know!

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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4 Kommentare

  1. Mai 13, 2019 / 12:51 pm

    You look stunning in that dress, mama:) Today I was wondering, if your baby arrived yet and I also made sure to read some previous posts of yours. I am so excited about your new life plans, I mean the trip, and of course, that you are expecting a son! My son is 7 months already, I can’t believe it:) He started eating solids a month ago and he loves veggies and fruits, he eats a rainbow of them everyday:) What countries will you visit? Maybe Poland?;) Btw, your decision is really brave, congtarulations! Have a lovely week and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for yoy and that big day:)))

    • Mai 15, 2019 / 7:32 am

      Thank you so much! It’s wonderful to read that your son is doing well and that he is enjoying his solid foods! And yes, life is so exciting these days! I love it 😀 We will be visiting Poland on our way back, so in late Summer 2020. I will make sure to let you know!!!

  2. Karin
    Mai 14, 2019 / 2:16 pm

    Mein Problem bei vielen Schwangerschaftsklamotten ist meine Oberweite. Mit D-Körbchen (das dann wohl noch ein E-Körbchen wird) sitzt die Taille bei vielen Kleidungsstücken zu hoch, der Babybauch sieht zudem unförmig aus in diesen Sachen weil der Schnitt nach oben rutscht.

    Ich hatte sowieso schon Probleme, gut sitzende Kleidung in der grünen Mode zu finden, jetzt ist es fast unmöglich. Ich habe Kurven, jede Menge, die mag ich aber nicht unter einem Zelt verstecken. Ohne “Zelt” passe ich aber nur schlecht rein, bzw. kleidet mich das nicht gut.

    Deine Artikel verfolge ich mit großem Interesse, könnte aber aufgrund meiner Figur noch keinen deiner Tipps umsetzen. Dennoch finde ich es spannend, welche Mode du für uns entdeckst!

    • Mai 15, 2019 / 7:30 am

      Liebe Karin, da muss ich dir recht geben – das Thema Mode für größere Großen ist bisher in der fairen Mode noch total unterrepräsentiert! Egal, ob schwanger oder nicht. Ich kann mir trotzdem vorstellen, dass du in engen Kleidern toll aussehen müsstest – die deine weiblichen Formen betonen, anstatt sie zu verstecken. Aber auch in Kleidern, wie diesesm hier, dass man – weil es ein Wickelkleid ist – sehr individuell anpassen kann, könnte ich mir dich super vorstellen 🙂 Alles “zeltige” finde ich ja auch total unvorteilhaft. Meine Brüste sind übrigens auch gleich zu Beginn der Schwangerschaft um zwei Größen gewachsen und ich musste mich auch erstmal daran gewöhnen auf einmal überhaupt Brüste zu haben 😀