Ethical and Fair Fashion for Pregnancy and Beyond: Isabella Oliver

And yes, I’m still pregnant and I’m excited to be able to share another maternity outfit – and a wonderful newly discovered label for pregnancy and beyond: Isabella Oliver!

In the past nine months of pregnancy I’ve been never really wearing maternity clothes, yet rather clothes that I can wear during pregnancy AND afterwards! Isabella Oliver is a maternity clothes brand, however, most of the beautiful and classic pieces can be worn way beyond pregnancy. When I’ve been scrolling through their timeless collection, I found quite a few pieces which will look great on any mommy – and mommy to be!

There is actually an entire section in the webshop which is only showing pieces that are easy to nurse in; and can be worn way after pregnancy as well.

The jumpsuit that I am wearing here is from the nursing selection and will for sure look GREAT with or without baby bump 🙂

I’ve been looking for a comfortable jumpsuit for a while now; one that I can easily dress up and down, that I can wear for business meetings (oh, wait I sold my business… anyway, you get the idea), for date nights, and for days spend at home baking cookies. One that I can wear on warmer days and that I can mix and match with jackets and blazers to wear on colder days as well.

I finally found the perfect one at Isabella Oliver! It is absolutely super comfy, I think it comes in a great fit, looks classy enough, and yet relaxed enough as well. It really is a one-piecer that you can wear with everything and for everything!

The jumpsuit is made from a comfortable viscose fabric and comes with a little bit of elasthane for even more comfort. Like all pieces from Isabella Oliver it is made under fair and ethical conditions

Isabella Oliver is very much into sustainability and fair working conditions. Their carbon footprint is rather low,  as they produce over 90% of their collection within Europe. On top of that they are planting a tree for every order.

Furthermore, the entire collection is pretty classy and timeless, and since everything is made out of high quality and long lasting fabrics, the pieces can be enjoyed for years and years.

You can read more about Isabella Oliver’s commitments towards sustainability and ethical production right here.

You can find the jumpsuit online and it will be delivered for free right to your door step 🙂

I also ordered two blouses from Isabella Oliver which are both really nice for the big belly now. However, they come in a pretty cool oversized style and will look great without belly as well. I am sure both of them will become some of my most worn pieces this year, as they are perfect for nursing and go with everything. I will try to share them on the blog very soon so that you can see them as well 🙂

So how am I doing these last days before giving birth? Actually very very well!

Today is Monday and my due date is on Friday. I feel like little baby will stay in the belly for another week, and I most definetly enjoy having another week with loads of time for myself, my little fam, and with my husband. I SO enjoy these days in which I get to spend time doing what I love doing, without having any appointments or even any strict deadlines or anything. My husband said yesterday that he feels like that the closer we get towards birth, the fitter I am. And I think he is right: I have no problems with my circulation system any longer (which I had a few weeks ago when Iwas still working for my company), I enjoy three hours long walks in the woods without any problems, I am free of any pains, and just feel very good.

And wearing pretty clothes like this jumpsuit makes it even easier to feel great 😀

Now, I am wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and I hope you feel great as well! I will be happy to read your comments on how you like this jumpsuit – or if you like jumpsuits at all!?

And in case you want to check out Isabella Oliver and their great collection, feel free to hop over here.


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Mai 27, 2019 / 8:45 am

    Du siehst toll aus! Gratulation und ich freue mich sehr für Euch, dass Du wieder schwanger bist.
    xx Rena