Eco Conscious Vacation at the North Sea: The Beach Hotel Kurhaus Juist

In September 2019 I spent a week on the island Juist, located in the North Sea. Juist is a very unique and special island for many reasons. One is the fact that the entire island is very eco conscious and overall rather sustainable: no cars are allowed on the island, rainwater is carefully reused, and waste is avoided wherever possible.

The beach hotel Kurhaus Juist is one amazing example for how sustainability in the hotel sector works!

As a small island of only 17km, Juist is very dependent on an overall sustainable behavior by it’s residents. Located in Lower Saxony’s North-Sea, Juist is doing it’s best to prevent further climate change development by reducing greenhouse gas emissions: their goal is to be climate-neutral by 2030! The island does not allow any cars to enter and all transportation is done with horse carriers. This – and the fact that all rainwater is carefully used as drinking water – is already amazing! However, reaching the goal of becoming climate -neutral is only possible when the many hotels on the island take responsibility and adapt their policies towards climate-neutrality. One hotel that most definitly is a pioneer when it comes to sustainability is the Kurhaus Juist.

The beach hotel Kurhaus Juist is also known as “White Castle by the sea” and decorates the island with its seaside resort architecture since 1898. It has 70 spacious rooms, designed suites and apartments and is directly located at the beach.

The hotel is stunning but there is much more to it than just being absolutly beautiful!

A cogeneration plant produces energy and heat for the hotel so that no electrictiy at all needs to be imported from the main land. This is absolutely unique on the island, as no other hotel is 100% independent when it comes to energy.

But it’s not only the cogeneration plant that makes the Kurhaus Juist a sustainable hotel. The hotel direction is very careful about buying in bulk to avoid waste, always trys her very best to save water (because the island’s reserve depends on rain water!), and is encouraging her guests to use less and save more.

However, sustainability does not end here, as the hotel direction explains to me: sustainability also means to maintain the island’s culture and solidarity. This is why the direction ecourages it’s employees to take part in the island-life by becoming a member in one of the local clubs; be it sports, the volunteer fire department, or other.

Only when the employees begin to love their island and their life on the island, they will do their best to preserve it, the hotel direction is convinced – and I couldn’t agree more!


I went to Juist with my family and we had a wonderful stay at the hotel, all four of us. There is a perfectly equipped playing room with a daily child care in which my girl loved to play – all while I was sitting next to her, enjoying the sea view! The room is perfect for rainy days or for the kids to play all while the parents are enjoying the hotel spa and a little bit of solo time. 

On arrival we immediatly got a baby bed and a nappy undermat for our three months old baby, without even having to ask for it – and our four year old got an own little bathrobe which she loved!

Talking about that bathrobe: the hotel is Thalasso certified with an own sea water well and has different saunas, a Rasul steam bath and a swimming hall with a gorgeous sea view to offer. The well provides the whole spa area with fresh sea water (All together there are only six such wells worldwide).

I loved a daily swim in the swimming hall – with and without my girl.

Oh, and on a sidenote: In the wellness area my favorite natural make up products by couleur caramel are used!

Before coming to an end I need to draw some special attention to the hotel’s restaurant.

The dining hall is breathtaking and you will certainly feel like a prince/ss when enterting for your daily breakfast and/or dinner!

The food is amazing and you can be sure to get absolutely everything you need. In case you are eating a vegan diet, like we do, or if you have any allergies, it may be a good idea though to tell the hotel in advance: as each and every product needs to be shipped from the mainland, it sometimes takes a day or two before a requested item arrives. 

We took both breakfast and dinner at the hotel and were very satisfied with their vegan options.

For breakfast we had a savory platter with different sandwich spreads and vegan cold cuts, as well as variety of muesli (with three different plant based milk to choose from!) and fruits to choose from.

For dinner we had a three course menu which absolutely lived up to our expectations.

The friendly waiters also did their very best to please our little girl with potato cakes and ketchup (on her request) and coloring pictures.

Overall, I can say that we had a really wonderful stay at the Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist and we all managed to slow down, relax, and unwind while we were there.

Juist definetly is a destination where one can decelerate and recharge – and the beach hotel Kurhaus Juist is the perfect place to stay for an eco conscious vacation with a little bit of an extra flair!

Feel free to find out more about the hotel and the island of Juist on



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