Early Christmas Gift: MAIUM Rain Coat/Cape

Today we celebrate the St. Nicholas day here in Germany – and I got a MAIUM rain coat as a gift!

Okay, this is only half true… I got the coat a couple of days ago already, but today I got to wear it for the first time. St. Nicholas is a day that is mostly celebrated by families with small children: the children put their boots in front of the front door the night of December 5 and the next morning their boots are filled with sweets and small gifts. I didn’t get anything for St. Nicholas in many years and I am totally fine with it. I enjoy it much more watching my little girl stepping out of the door in the morning, beaming of joy.

So today I celebrated the day by wearing my new coat – and later on I made some ginger bread with my girl and enjoyed that.

Anyway, so I want to talk a little bit about this pretty amazing rain coat today!

You may think that December is not the right time to talk about rain coats and that I should wait until next September!? Well, a few years ago I would have thought the same. However, since a couple of years already, with climate change being a reality in our world, the weather has changed a lot around Europe. December used to be a cold month with snow in many years – these years it is mild and rainy instead of cold and snowy! We have temperatures around 10°C and a lot of rain. Almost no really cold days at all and no snow anywhere. So for me, and a lot of other people around Europe, a raincoat is actually what we need most at this time of the year!

Now, a rain coat is a good thing to have in any case. However, when you are riding your bicycle a lot (like I do) then you most probably also need a rain cape or if not, some water proof pants. I personally do not like those water proof pants and I am not a fan of rain capes either (style and stuff, you get the idea…!?) this is why I was SO exciting when I stumbled over maium on instagram a little while ago.

The word Maium means rain in Amsterdam dialect and the label is actually born out of the daily frustration with rain.

Their rainwear is produced from recycled plastic bottles, does not contain any harmful substances and is manufactured under safe and healthy working conditions. And it works so well!

This coat can actually be transformed into a rain cape for your bicycyle!

I have been wearing my Maium coat today for the first time, I wore it in the rain, on my bicycle, and in the cold wind. And it really is wonderful! I am so super protected in there and with two layers underneath I am pretty warm, even though the coat isn’t thick or anything. But since it does not allow heat to exit, you will easily get warm and cozy inside.

I am somewhat excited about this coat and I guess everyone around me knows about that … since I kept telling everyone how cool the idea of including a cape into a coat actually is!

So to transform the coat into a cape, all you have to do is to unzip the two zippers on both sides of the coat. It’s done within a second and then you are perfectly ready for any rain weather on your bicycle!

I actually got this coat in this blue color because I’ve been thinking that my husband can wear it too! Maium does have a men’s section on their website as well, but I think the coats can be worn unisex. My husband tried it on and it looks great on him as well – and I am sure he will borrow it next time it’s his turn to go to the office in the pourring rain.

So just in case you are looking for an all sustainably made and all ethically made rain coat at the moment I highly recommend checking out Maium! From what I tested and saw so far, their coats are among the best out there! At least I never wore anything more protective – and I do have another fair fashion rain coat!

The coat is actually NOT more expensive than other fair fashion rain coats (it comes for 135€) but it is more versatile (I mean – there is a rain cape in that coat!) and it comes in a really really good quality.

And before coming to an end I just want to remind you really quick NOT to buy any fast fashion rain coats! The outdoor garments industry is among the dirtiest out there when it comes to chemicals used. Do your research before buying something pleeeeeeease 🙂


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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