Dzaino: Upcycled Denim Bags from Berlin – an Interview

I’m super happy to share a new interview with you today! Today is all about DZAINO – an upcycling label from Berlin. They make the most beautiful bags out of thrownaway jeans!

Every bag is unique since it is made of different jeans that the two owners get from the Stadtmission in Berlin. Dzaino updates craft techniques to create handmade, resource-friendly one of a kind pieces with a contemporary feel – patch work never looked that cool! At least that’s what I find 😀

Here in this post, I am carrying their mini weekender which I brought for my weekend in Berlin last week. I was there for work and this bag was just the perfect company!

I am also wearing some super cozy pants from Deerberg and a blouse from ThokkThokk. Both all organic and fair of course!

But now to the interview!

Dear Julia, dear Hanna, you have been friends for over ten years now, when did the idea of creating your own label Dzaino come up first?

We both produced bags, more or less as a hobby. One day Julias boss suggested her to create a well designed yogabag. Thats when our collaboration started. The idea of running a label together came up quite quickly during the process of creating the yogabag. We thought about a name, a website, a concept etc… All in all it took us only some months to think about starting a label under a certain name together.

Since then, how did it go? What where the different mile stones you passed?

We both had jobs that we had to manage besides our work for Dzaino. For more or less one and a half year we only had the friday off to meet for Dzaino. And a lot of weekend work of course. We realised that the press, bloggers and clients really like our concept and it became obvious to us that we have to either quit our jobs or Dzaino will always stay a very work intensive hobby. In 2017 we took one week off and had a Dzaino-intensive working week and after that it was clear for us that our vision and our mission are stronger than anything else and we decided to organise everything to start Dzaino full-time.

In a nutshell, what is Dzaino all about?

Minimalistic design, mindfulness and a fair production. Our upcycling bags are sustainable, social and unique one-of-a-kind items. We don’t see waste in textile leftovers, we see resources. We believe in a change into a fair, transparent, and sustainable fashion industry.

I love your minimalistic design; would you say this is inspired by Berlin, the city both of you live in?

hmmm, not really. We would say that the minimalistic design is more inspired by our design backgrounds. We both studied “Integrated Design“ (mix of product-, fashion- & graphicdesign) at the University of Arts in Bremen and have inspirational backgrounds in the fields of photography, film, design, architecture and arts. Of course Berlin gives a lot of inspirations when it comes to all these topics, but we wouldn’t say, that this part is mostly inspired by the city Berlin.

You are using recycled materials for your bags; can you use these materials the way you buy them or do you have to prepare them in some way before re-using?

All materials are washed before we do anything with them. A workshop for people wit disabilities in Berlin Pankow prepares them for us. After the bike messengers brings all textile leftovers from Stadtmission to Pankow, the trousers are being washed and also cut into two-dimensional textile pieces.

Isn’t it much cheaper to work with recycled materials? What do you think; why is not everyone (or at least many more) using the materials already there?

Oh thats a big misapprehension. It is actually a lot more expensive, because you have to take care and prepare the materials in a total different way. In conventional, non-upcycling- businesses, you have the production “from the roll“. In our case we produce one-of-a-kind unique items, which means loads of more work. Just think about the selling process: In our case we can not upload one picture and put a number of stock behind. We have to photograph each single bag. And thats the same in the process of production. Each single bag needs attention when combining the pieces to create a good look. The fabrics all are different and also behave differently when sewing a bag out of them. So many different material aspects come together, its very hard to create a good look and the best quality.
It is actually so much more work and thats definitely, why not everyone is working with this  concept.

Currently you are running a crowdfunding campagin on startnext? What is this all about?

With this campaign we want to realise the first large production of Dzaino bags made out of textile waste. We also want to promote our label and take the chance to reach more people and attention for our upcycling-without-upcycling-look-concept. During the last months we worked on new products and improved our logistics for an entirely social and fair production. If we reach the second funding goal, we can initiate upcycling workshops, hold lectures, and develop new fashion items.

And why do you think we should support your campaign?

With your preorder you support not only a small local fair, transparent and sustainable label, you also support the people behind it. We have a social concept, we collaborate with the Stadtmission Berlin, a charitable organisation serving people in need. Further on we collaborate with two Berlin based workshops for people with disabilities, to support them in their reintegration into their jobs.
And of course because you like our bags. The design is unique and the bags are very functional with smart details.

And last but not least you make a statement and together we spread the message of slow fashion and mindful design.


Doesn’t that sound great? I think it does. Find Dzaino’s crowdfunding campaign right here:

This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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  1. Oktober 3, 2018 / 11:46 pm

    This is such a good idea! I like the style too 🙂

    • Oktober 4, 2018 / 9:32 am

      I love it too 🙂 So wonderful that there are more and more brands like this popping up 🙂