DIY Tension Release Balm/Oil with Essential Oils

A little while ago I’ve been posting my homemade tension release balm in my insta stories and I got quite a few messages asking for the recipe. So here it is! It is super easy to blend together and what I love about this recipe is that the balm isn’t smelling like most tension release products you will find out there.

I mean, you know what I am talking about right? The scent of eucalyptus can be really nice, it is however, more often than not associated with feeling somehow sick, having a cold, or a stiff neck. The tension release balm I am sharing here does NOT smell like a pharmacy, but rather like pure coziness! It has tonka essential oil, lavender, and a secret ingredient that works miracles against tension and pain!

Are you getting curios? Then read on!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am not a pharmacist either. I do not recommend this oil for children under three and I do recommend making an allergy test before using essential oils in general. Here on my blog I write down what works for me but I don’t make any promises that this is the same for you 😉

You may have read my last post on lavender!? And you may know by now that I am huge fan of lavender. Not only because it smells nice (I know scents I like better) but because of all the miracle powers it has!

In this recipe here I am taking advantage of the calming effect that lavender has. When we are calming down, we are releasing some tension naturally – so a first step is done to get rid of that pain in the neck!

So lavender essential oil is a first MUST in this recipe.

The other active ingredrients here are first of all tonka; tonka essential oil has, similar to lavender, a calming and relaxing effect. But most importantly: it smells like pure coziness! When you smell tonka essential oil, you will feel better immediatly, I promise. It pretty much has the same effect a piece of chocolate has when you feel la little down. It’s this scent of coziness, of home, of everything-is-ok that we all need in our stressfull daily life. This is why I find it important to add tonka essential oil to this blend. It does not have that much direct effect on the muscles compared to the other two actice ingredients, however, it does have a lot of impact emotional wise.

Finally – and this is the secret ingredient – there is jasmin! I had NO ideas about the power of jasmin essential oil until two weeks ago, when I visited a seminary on “essential oils for the medicine cabinet”. Jasmin has impressive antispasmodic and calming effects on the muscles.

On a sidenote: This is what makes this tension release balm PERFECT for everyone who has issues with abdominal pains during the period!

Jasmin essential oil is also great when facing fears or when feeling a little depressed. Since tension in the muslces often comes with either fear or depression or stress or all of it together, this blend works great on a emotional level as well as on a physical level.

And now here is what you need for your tension release balm or oil:

A basic cream or a carrier oil
(no perfumes, no anything in it, just a super simple fragnance free organic cream or a carrier oil such as apricot kernel oil or almond oil)
Lavender essential oil (organic and pure!)
Tonka essential oil (organic and pure!)
Jasmin essential oil (organic and pure!)

Now how much to use?

For 30ml of cream, almond or apricot kernel oil you can use:

3 drops of lavender essential oil
3 drops of tonka essential oil
1 drop of jasmin essential oil

In case you find the blend too strong, use less the next time! In case you find the blend not strong enough, add a drop of each. But be careful with adding too much: more of an essential oil does not always have a better effect. Essential oils work great even when only a tiny little bit is used!

You can keep your cream or oil close to you whereever you go and add a little whenever needed.

As I wrote above: this blend does not only work great when you have pains in the neck or when you have cramps, but also when you feel emotional tension. To help with emotiona tension, just apply a little bit of cream or oil to pulse points and temples, to your neck if you like, and to your solar plexus.

Always begin with adding a little bit and apply more when you feel you need to.

And here is a special trick for everyone with backpains: Apply this cream or oil blend to your feet before going to sleep at night. Massage your feet carefully and evenly. The reflex zones at your feet will transport the active ingredients straight to your back and wherever else some help is needed!

And in case you do not know where to find the ingredients – I get all of my essential oils and carrier oils from TAOASIS which has very high quality organic oils and which is a brand I trust 100% in.

I personally LOVE this blend and I use it almost every day. I apply it to my neck in the morning when I feel a little stiff, I apply it to my solar plexus whenever I feel stressed or depressed, and I apply it to my feet at night when I feel like I need a little extra.

I would absolutely love to know how you like it in case you try it! Please make sure to leave a comment or message me on instagram! I am looking forward to read about your experiences. And hey, what is your favorite essential oil by the way? I would love to know!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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