Christmas Gift Inspiration: Warming Massage Oil DIY with Taoasis

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It’s not even a month to Christmas – so I thought it’s about time share some first Christmas gift inspiration! I am starting off into the season with an easy and yet wonderful DIY: a warming massage oil with essential oils from TAOASIS!

This massage oil can also be used as a body oil or even as a bath oil. It is warming thanks to ginger, vanilla, and rose, and it will make you feel all cozy in your own skin 🙂

For those of you who do not like the scent of ginger, I added an alterative recipe which is equally awesome and comes without ginger – and orange instead! Both recipes are great for winter because they are warming your body … and your heart!

I actually love giving away easy DIYs like this one. I mean, pretty much everyone can use a nice body oil aka massage oil aka bath oil! It’s nothing that is taking away space in the house, it’s nothing you have to keep forever, it’s something you can actually USE, it is just the perfect gift 😀

Other DIYs that I like giving away for Christmas are body scrubs, perfume cream, or just individual blends of essential oils to add to a diffuser. Let me know if you are intersted in learning more about any of these!

But now to the recipe – here is what you need:


6 Tablespoon Almond oil
9 Drops Rose Essential oil
3 Drops Vanilla Essential oil
3 Drops Tonka Essential oil
2 Drops Ginger Essential oil


Simply blend together the carrier oil (almond) with the essential oil.

Put everything into a bottle made from dark glass so that the oil will stay fresh longer. If you do not have a dark glass, you can use a normal one and just wrap some pretty paper around. You can also use a jar instead of a bottle if that is easier to get hands on.

Tip: Be careful with the ginger! Make sure not to add more than stated in the recipe. The scent of ginger is pretty strong and it will easily make the other ingredients disappear. However, if you love the scent of ginger, feel free to add another drop to this recipe.

Ginger is a very powerful essential oil and it is especially wonderful to use during the cold month of the year since it is warming and stimulating and may help you get through Winter without getting depressed 😉

The other recipe – that comes without ginger – has the following ingredients:


6 Tablespoon Almond oil
6 Drops Vanilla essential oil
9 Drops Orange essential oil
6 Drops Jasmin essential oil


Again: blend all ingredients together carefully and add to a bottle or jar of your choice.

Tip: Jasmin essential oil is a little pricy, yes, true story. But it so worth it! It has a relaxing and balancing effect and will help you get through Winter without feeling too tense because of all those stressful holiday plans 🙂

Before coming to an end here, I want to point out again that when playing around with essential oils it is SO important to only use natural and organic oils! You will simply never ever get the same effect on your mood, your body, your heart, your brain, your everything, with an oil that is not of natural origin and that contains pesticides. This is not just me saying this, this has been proven over and over again. So please make sure to get only the best quality – to get the most out of your essential oils and out of this recipe!

I get all my essential oils and my carrier oils from TAOASIS – and company that I can trust 100% because I’ve actually been to their lavender fields and I’ve seen how the essential oils are made. TAOASIS has a shop in Berlin (BIKINI) but they have partners all over Europe and you can also find their essential oils in their online shop.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY!? Let me know if you are intersted in more Christmas and Winter related DIYs!


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  1. Anna
    November 27, 2018 / 9:54 pm

    Thanks for this recipe. And yes — I would be interested in reading more cosy winter DIYs, e.g. essential oil blends to diffuse at home. Warm greetings!