Christmas Gift Inspiration: Aromatherapy

Looking for some sweet smelling christmas gifts? I love giving away aromatherapy. Essential oils, aroma lamps, and fragnance diffuser make beautiful gifts that really everyone can make use off and enjoy. If you feel insecure about what kind of fragnance to gift, just give a beautiful aroma lamp instead; or if you know someone who loves vanilla, give away some vanilla aroma airsticks. It really is an easy gift and perfect for everyone who does not really know what to give to someone.

I personally love to give aroma therapy gifts. Usually it’s the women in my family who get some essential oils, diffuser or essential oil room sprays. And so far they always loved it.

So I decided to share some of my favorite brands and products to inspire you a little. All products are pr samples that I asked for so that I have something beautiful for this post here. All opinion, as usualy, is 100% mine.

Lets begin with the product that is most versatile and really a great gift for everyone: aroma lamps. You can get them in all shapes and colors, made from metall, from wood and metall, from stone, from everything. So you can make sure to find one that fits the taste of the one you want to gift it to.

Aroma lamps are super easy to use and they bring so much atmosphere into a room. I really love this one here from Primavera that is available in three different colors. I have actually been looking for a while for a beautiful minimalist aroma lamp and when I saw this one here I immediatly wrote an email to Primavera to ask for a press sample. I was really happy to receive it and it gives my living room a little bit of a whole new glow 🙂

Now at this time of the year I like to use Christmas and Winter related essential oils. My two favorites for the season from the Primavera collection are Winterzauber and Gemütliche Stunde, but they have many more that smell super good and cozy too.

If you know what kind of fragnace the one you want to gift something to, likes, then aroma airsticks could be just the right gift! As with everything make sure you buy organic and good quality as otherwise, you will probably be very dissapointed by the smell. At least I personally do not like the scent of anything artificial.

The airsticks from Farfalla  are among my favorites and since you can also buy refills they are also more sustainable than many other options out there. Concerning the ingredients, they are super clean with only essential oils as perfumes. Nothing artificial in there.

I have this one in my hallway and I love coming home and smelling roses 🙂

I will give airsticks to my aunt this Christmas, and I know she will love it!

In case you are already advanced in aroma therapy or you want to gift something to someone who owns an aroma lamp, air sticks, and everything already; then how about trying something completely new? A fragnance bracelet is a beautiful small bracelet with a stainless steel diffusing locket containing a felt pad. On this felt pad essential oils of choice can just be dropped upon.

It is meant for those who like to have their favorite essential oil scents with them at any times. It can be really useful for example for stressful or emotional situations where your scent of choice can help you calm down and relax.

I am going to give a bracelet like this to my sister in law. She is very much into scents and aromatherapy and she has got all the aroma lamps and everything. But I know she does not have a fragnace bracelet yet and I am sure she will love it!

Another idea is a room spray. This makes a great small gift, like for a colleague or so. Choosing a Christmas and Winter kind off smell is certainly a good idea but there are tons of options out there. I love the orange and cinnamon room spray from Bergland which is perfect for Christmas but also for the rest of the winter. It contains only clean ingredients and nothing artificial.

Bergland also offers a range of Christmas related essential oils; which could make a beautiful little set as well. I like to give an essential oil with e.g. a room spray or an aroma lamp or even just add an essential oil as a little extra to a book or other gift.

And finally, there is the diffuser. This is actually my personal highlight. I ALWAYS thought that I will not ever need anything like this and then Taoasis send me one I actually never asked for.

And what shall I say? I love it. In the first place I was SO sceptical and told my husband that we are going to gift it to his mother but then I tried it and it runs every morning and every evening ever since. Sure, an aroma lamp brings a whole different atmosphere but the fragnace diffuser is just so extremely functional! When I wake up in the morning, I just strech my arm and press a button (while still half sleeping) and I get up with the best scent all around me. The same at night, where I turn the diffuser on before I take my little girl to bed and all around the bed it smells of lavender to help her fall asleep easily.

You can of course choose the essential oils you want to add the diffuser. And there are loads of different diffuser out there. I have a really simple one but you can also find bigger ones and more beautiful ones. This one here, however, is great as a small gift, especially when gifted together with a nice essential oil or even a set of winter oils like the above one.

Check out Taoasis for more 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little Christmas gift inspiration!? There will be more coming up regarding my “Christmas gifts with a cause” series and also other Christmas related content… like cookies. So stay tuned for more!


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2 Kommentare

  1. November 28, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    Aroma sticks, essentials oils, scented candles, they all make such great gifts, for anyone! I love your inspiration. <3 We also have a aromatherapy diffuser, I think we use it every day too! I would love to buy some more in the near future, our house smells really old and stuffy in some areas. The design of the Primavera lamp is beautiful too, so nice you can place it in your livingroom!

    Love 'n kisses , Layla Rosita |

  2. November 30, 2017 / 8:56 am

    Gerade hochwertige Öle sind wirklich eine schöne Idee! Meine Mama liebt die, vor allem, um nach dem Kochen die üblen Gerüche zu verdrängen. 😉