Chocolate Easter Eggs with Three Fillings (Vegan and Refined Sugar Free)

Only a few days left until the Easter weekend is here, and I am ready with an absolutely delicious recipe for filled chocolate Easter eggs. The eggs are vegan, refined sugar free, rather easy to make, and one of the best things I have had in a while! I made three different fillings, however my favorite is the peanutbutter-caramel one. I also filled eggs with a macadamia-vanilla-butter and with honey-marzipan (not vegan though because of the honey!).

Feel free to try the fillings first and choose one or two that you like best. Or jump right into the Easter egg making and go for everything 🙂

Also, I have to say in advance: my photo skills make not up to how good these actually are! I am always a little impatient with my pictures (I know: this is why I will never become one of the big bloggers and I am okay with it) and I am usually lazy to decorate or anything. So even though the eggs might look a little boring on these pictures here, believe me, they are delicious! Beyond delicious actually. Pretty close to heaven most probably.

So for this recipe you will need a silicon mold in the shape of eggs. You can google them and you will find different shops for where to buy them. I wasn’t able so far to find any shops that make sustainable silicon molds or organic ones. In case you know any, please please please let me know!

You will also need chocolate, obviously. I made some eggs with homemade chocolate and some eggs with a store bought 100% chocolate. Whatever you choose, make sure NOT to use a sweet chocolate. All fillings are really sweet already and it is the mix of the slightly bitter chocolate and the sweet filling that makes these eggs so delicious. Choose a 100% or 90% chocolate when you go for a store bought one. For my homemade I actually only used cocoa butter and cocoa powder. That’s it.

Depending on the size of your molds, you will need around 200g of chocolate, either homemade or not. Just make a little extra and make this delicious snack if you like: pour the melted chocolate on a small plate covered with baking paper, put it in the freezer. When it is all hard spread some of the leftover filling from the eggs on top and place in the freezer again. When everything is hardend, you can cut the chocolate-filling-sandwichs in small pieces and enjoy as pralines. Delicious too!

But back to the Easter eggs. The most difficult part of the whole recipe here is to put the chocolate into the molds! Here are a few tricks to make it work:

1. put your molds in the freezer for around 20 minutes before using, it helps the chocolate to harden.

2. wait a little before putting your chocolate into the molds after melting it; so that it is not completely fluid but a little sticky.

3. After applying one coat of chocolate to the mold, place it in the freezer for a few minutes before applying the next coat.

Now to the three fillings:

Peanut butter caramel

1 1/2 cups pitted dates

2/3 cup salted crunchy peanut butter

A pinch of salt

Optional: a little bit of maca powder (which has a caramel like taste)

Blend all ingredients in your high speed blender.



1 cup macadamia nuts (you can also use cashews)

1 cup pitted dates

A dash of vanilla

A pinch of salt

Blend all ingredients in your high speed blender.


Honey marzipan

1 cup almonds

1/2 honey

Blend the almonds first until flour like, then mix with the honey (use your hands).


Depending on how you like your filling best, you can choose to make them more chunky (blend for only a minute or two) or wait until they become a rather fine texture (just continue blending in your high speed blender). I like the chunky style, but husbands prefers a finer version, so I will make a few more for Easter weekend with a rather fine and softer filling.

Now, to make the eggs, first melt your chocolate and put it all around your molds. As I wrote above, you may need to make several coats and put the molds in the freezer in between. Then, add your filling of choice and, finally, fill the entire mold with more chocolate. Put in the freezer or fridge to harden for at least an hour.

When ready, take the halves out of the molds. You can absolutely leave them like this, or you can heat a pan and place the halves for just a second on the hot pan – the chocolate will melt immediatly and you will be able to “glue” the two halves to each other and make the eggs complete.

The molds I bought are pretty huge so I only made three eggs and left the rest in halves. You will hardly find anyone who is able to eat an entire egg (of the size I made) but they look prettier of course.

My eggs didn’t turn out quite perfect yet and I will make more this weekend to have some to give away on Easter Sunday. So even though these do not look perfect, I wanted to share the recipe with you on time. I hope you don’t mind my pictures too much.

I would absolutely love to know if you make this recipe and share how it turned out for you!


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    Ist mal wirklich etwas anderes Schokoladen Eier selbst zu befüllen!
    Wir fahren oft mit der Familie an den Feiertagen weg und daher haben wir dahingehend überhaupt keine Rituale. Selbst nur noch ein paar uralte, bemalte Eier. 😉

    Ach, Handys können aber echt nerven. Was Instagram Stories angehet, stößt meins dann schon auch an seine Grenzen. Obwohl es schon so alt ist, ist die Fotoqualität super (wobei auch da ein bisschen das Licht eine Role spielt), aber die Videos sind… meh. Ich verstehe dein Gejammer also durchaus! 😉