‘Cause I like Blue…

… you will see another blue outfit

Can you feel the spring on those pictures ­čśë ?
It is finally coming! People here are getting crazy as soon as the sun is just shining a little. They walk around in short dresses, sandals, shorts, the men are going running without shirt. And it’s still kinda cold! 
However, I also enjoy the sunshine and decided to send my coats in the next package back to Germany ­čśë 

Happy Weekend to all of you! Hope you will do lots of fun stuff! I have to write papers and then I will have a small PJ party with my really good friend- watching movies, chating and drinking tea all night is exactly what I need right now ­čÖé


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  1. April 6, 2013 / 8:54 am

    Great look! Love the sweater! Thank you for your kind comments. I'm your newest follower on both GFC.


  2. April 6, 2013 / 11:57 am

    Danke f├╝r dein liebes Kommentar.
    Nat├╝rlich sollten wir einander folgen. Ich mag deinen Blog sehr.


  3. April 6, 2013 / 11:58 am

    Hi!! ­čÖé I just find your blog! Cool job!
    Hope you have time to see also mine!
    Have a nice day!

  4. April 6, 2013 / 12:28 pm

    such lovely outfit! im obsessed with dark blue and this is gorgeous! it suits you so well <3

  5. April 6, 2013 / 3:07 pm

    Amazing Blog!!!!!!!!!Great post dear…:) I'm following you immediately..:)Follow me back?:P

    Have a great weekend..:)




  6. April 6, 2013 / 3:19 pm

    Der Rock ist so super – kann man sicher tausendfach kombinieren!

    Dir auch ein tolles Wochenende!

  7. April 6, 2013 / 11:58 pm

    Hello from germany! would you follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Wait for you response or follow me and i'll follow you back ÔÖą

  8. April 7, 2013 / 4:28 pm

    Very nice outfit! Great how you combined the different pieces together.