Meine Must Have Gewürze für die Camping-Küche

Werbung Ein Jahr lang unterwegs mit dem Wohnmobil – was nimmt man da alles mit? Ich habe bereits in anderen Posts erzählt, was ich an Kleidung und an Büchern eingepackt habe, aber was sind meine Must Have Gewürze in der Camping-Küche? Darum wird es heute gehen! Ich koche leidenschaftlich gern und würze auch sehr gern und bunt. Trotzdem wollte ich nicht einen ganzen Gewürzschrank mit in unser Wohnmobil nehmen. Es ist zwar groß, aber so groß dann auch wieder nicht!… Beitrag ansehen

What do I Pack for one Year on the Road – Part III: Clothes

Here we are, travelling for one year through different seasons from cold to hot and back again. What clothes do I pack for one year on the road? How many clothes and how do I even decide which ones to take with me? That’s what today’s post is about! Travelling for A YEAR is a long time, especially when you do not have a washing machine and you will have to wash your clothes by hand – or wait until… Beitrag ansehen

What do I Pack for one Year on the Road – Part II: Make Up

Recently I shared which books I pack for one year on the road – today I want to continue this little series with a post on which and how much make up I pack. Since I am only using natural and organic make up, I decided to bring everything I need for one year with me. I just don’t want to get in a situation where I cannot find an organic mascara that I really like, while I’m somewhere in… Beitrag ansehen

What do I Pack for one Year on the Road: Part 1 – Books

Next week we will be gone – for one year on the road! Currently we spend most of our time packing our things together and I thought it could be of interest for you to see what I pack. I have a few posts planned with the different categories of things that I pack, and today I want to start to the category that is most important to me: books! Which books to bring for one year of travels? Which… Beitrag ansehen