#vanlife: My Plastic Free Camper Kitchen

When people think about going on camping vacation or about living in a van they often believe that all the kitchen utensils must be plastic! Because plastic doesn’t break, right!? But guess what: it’s easy to have a plastic free camper kitchen! But it’s not only that it’s easy; it’s also prettier and it’s so much better for the environment to go the plastic free way! In today’s post I am sharing my six tips and tricks for a plastic… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: One Month on the Road – a Recap

It’s been a month since we moved into our motor home! One month already! From now on I want to write a recap every month; of where we’ve been, how life is going, what we plan to do, if we learnt anything new about #vanlife in general, how we are doing as a family, living in a motor home, and whatever else I think could be interesting to share. We were finally (after weeks and weeks of waiting) getting our… Beitrag ansehen

GOT BAG – My Travel Companion for a Trip alongside the Coast of Europe

Werbung One year in a motor home – travelling alongside the coast of Europe! This is what I am currently doing … and loving! And for this very special adventure, I was in need of a very special companion: a backpack made out of 100% recycled ocean plastic! I’ve got many questions about our planned itinerary for our one year roadtrip and actually, we are pretty much just following alongside the coast of Europe. As we all love the sea… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife – Less Waste in the Camper Bathroom

Here we are with post number two in my new #vanlife series! Today’s is all about my plastic free camper bathroom. I can’t say that it’s zero waste but it definetly is less waste and almost completely plastic free. In any case, I would argue that it is overall pretty sustainable and no matter if for your camper or for your home; I hope my tips here are helping you towards a more sustainable and less waste bathroom! Are you… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife – Interior Tips for the Camper Kitchen

Today I am starting with my #vanlife series! My first post for this series is about our camper kitchen interior. I am sharing my tips and my favorite sustainable interior items from Tranquillo. I am living in our mobile home since three weeks now and I thought it could be intersting for you to see how we live in here. This is why I am going to publish a few blog posts in the “#vanlife series” in which I am… Beitrag ansehen