Das Hamamtuch – Mein Allrounder für den Alltag auf Reisen

Werbung “Ein Hamamtuch?” denkst du jetzt? Ja, ein Hamamtuch! Seit wir unterwegs sind, ist das Hamamtuch einer meiner wichtigsten Begleiter hier im Wohnmobil-Alltag! Warum ausgerechnet ein Hamamtuch, worauf man beim Kauf achten sollte und für wen ein Hamamtuch ebenfalls ein Must ist, das erfährst du im heutigen Post!  Zuerst will ich aber natürlich erzählen, was ein Hamamtuch überhaupt ist: zunächst einmal ist es ein Tuch aus fester Baumwolle, welches man traditionellerweise im Hamam um den Körper binden kann. Hamamtücher sind… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: 2nd Month on the Road – a Recap

Two months on the road! Yes, it’s been two months already since we moved into our motorhome! On the one hand it feels sooo much longer, as so much happend in only two months – on the other hand its just incredible how time flies! In today’s post I am sharing a recap of our second month, living in a camper van! Maybe you remember that our first month ended with the highlight Mont Saint Michel!? After that we were… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan Vanlifer

Living in a motor home makes it difficult to eat a whole food plant based diet – NOT! Not at all! Today I am showing you a little bit of what I eat in a day as a vegan living in camper van. The “what I eat in a day” posts are actually still among the most-read on my blog and this is why I thought I better make a van life version as well. My last one was about… Beitrag ansehen

Bretagne/Brittany: My Five Highlights

The wild Brittany! Those who have heard of Brittany before have certainly rough coastlines in mind … but there is more to Brittany than that! In today’s post I am sharing my personal highlights from one of the most beautiful regions in northern France! I will be honest with you before getting started for real: I didn’t explore all of Brittany! We planned to do so though. However, when we were in the Baie de Quiberon, we got stuck in… Beitrag ansehen

Normandy/France: My Highlights

We‘ve been spending the last two weeks in Normandy, in France, driving around in our motor home and enjoying the beauty of the area. In today’s post I am going to share my three Normandy highlights with you – plus loads of pictures. I’ve been thinking about sharing some highlights from our trip all throughout Europe on a regular basis with you guys. That’s not only because I want to share all the beauty of the places we visit, but… Beitrag ansehen