Thoughts On The Water Crisis In Spain – And What We Can Do About It!

We are in Spain since a month now and we can’t ignore the fact that this country is in crisis – in a water crisis! We see dry riverbeds all over the place and we see the endless greenhouses and fields. And instead of just closing our eyes, I decided to write a post about my thoughts on the Spanish water crisis; including some things we ALL can do to help countries like Spain (such as Morroco, Egypt, Iraq, and… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: 3rd Month on the Road – a Recap

Its’s been three months since we moved into our camper van! Can you believe that? Three months as a vanlife family! Today I am sharing how things went from the end of the second month until the end of the third month … After two months on the road, we finally got that feeling of actually arriving in our new life. We left that constant rain weather at the Atlantic coast behind us and continued our way through the beautiful… Beitrag ansehen

Unser neuer Blog: Vanlife Diaries

Wir haben einen neuen Blog! Wir teilen unsere vanlife diaries! Wieso, warum und weshalb, das will ich euch heute erzählen! Wir leben seit mittlerweile drei Monaten im Wohnmobil und in diesen drei Monaten habe ich jeden Tag Tagebuch geschrieben. Mittlerweile habe ich 90 Seiten Text (Schriftgröße 12) gefüllt und mit jedem Tag der vergeht, wird es eine Seite mehr. Dieses Tagebuch habe ich zunächst einfach nur für mich beziehungsweise für uns geschrieben: damit wir später nachvollziehen können, wie es uns… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Can it be Sustainable to Live in a Camper Van?

My blog is all about living a more sustainable and conscious life – and then I moved into a motor home! Can life in a motor home be sustainable at all? In which way has life back in Leipzig been more sustainable and in which way is it maybe more sustainable now? This is what I want to discuss in today’s post! To be able to discuss this, I have to say a few words about sustainability in general –… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife with Kids/Baby: My Experiences and Tips

Living in a motorhome is a fun adventure; most people would agree on that one, but living the vanlife with kids? And with a three months old baby? That’s where most people say stop – that’s getting a little too much here! But guess what? I think there is nothing better than taking all the babys and kids out there and put them with their parents into motor homes to discover the world 😀 In today’s post I am sharing… Beitrag ansehen