#vanlife: Six Month on the Road – a Recap

This time I’m a little late with my vanlife recap but here it is! Six months on the road already! Half a year of living in a motor home, travelling around with my family, and enjoying the maximum freedom one could possibly imagine! How did our sixth month on the road go? How do I feel now after half a year on the road? That is what today’s blog post is about! Our sixth month started off with a beautiful… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Five Month on the Road – a Recap

It is really hard to believe that – again- an entire month passed! Where did the time go? The fifth month on the road was the one that went by the quickest and it seems like not much happened in this month because we didn’t do a lot of kilometers. But of course that is not true – a lot happened anyway! So here we go with the recap of our fifth month on the road, living in a motor… Beitrag ansehen

Catalonia – my Highlights

Finally I am back with a travel post: this time around I am sharing my personal highlights from Catalonia in Spain. I spent a month in Catalonia and loved it there! Let me share where I liked it best and what tipps I have for you guys … We stayed pretty close to the coast during our month in Catalonia, so most of my highlights are from the coastal region – which does NOT mean that the mountains and wine… Beitrag ansehen

Fünf Tipps für Nachhaltigeres Reisen

Nachhaltig Reisen ist einfacher als du denkst! Wir brauchen nicht bei jedem Urlaub ein schlechtes Gewissen wegen unserem CO2 Abdruck haben, wenn wir uns einfach ein paar Gedanken zu unserem Verhalten auf Reisen machen – und im Zweifelsfall unseren CO2 Austoß kompensieren. Im heutigen Blogpost teile ich fünf Tipps für nachhaltigeres Reisen – und hoffe, damit zu einem nachhaltigeren Urlaub zu inspirieren! 1. Mach mit bei #flightfree2020 Tausende von Menschen haben entschieden 2020 auf das Fliegen zu verzichten! Mach einfach… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Our Fourth Months on the Road – a Recap!

It’s been four months since we left Germany with our motor home! Wow! What happened in our fourth month on the road, where have we been and what did we learn? That’s what I’m going to share today’s blogpost! When we started into our fourth month, we had just left our new van life friends and took off south to enjoy even warmer weather and even nicer beaches. It was still our goal to just go further and further south… Beitrag ansehen