#vanlife – Mein Schlafzimmer im Wohnmobil

Wie sieht mein Schlafzimmer im Wohnmobil eigentlich aus? Habe ich überhaupt ein Schlaf”Zimmer”? Oder nur ein Bett? Und worauf sollte man achten, wenn man sich das Schlafzimmer im Van oder Wohnmobil einrichtet? Darum geht es in meinem heutigen Beitrag! Zunächst mal: ja, ich habe ein richtiges Schlafzimmer im Wohnmobil. Es it zwar nur so groß, wie das Bett, aber es ist dennoch ein richtiges Zimmer und ich kann eine Tür zumachen. Das ist bei uns im Familienalltag wahnsinnig praktisch, weil… Beitrag ansehen

My Five Favorite Beaches in Portugal – Algarve and West Coast

After four weeks of beach hopping along the Portuguese west coast and the Algarve, I feel ready to share my five favorite beaches in Portugal! They are all a little different and each of them has something special to them … read on and get inspired for your next Portugal vacation!  Before starting off with my five favorite beaches I  have to say that it is very very difficult to scale down to only five beaches! We’ve been to around… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife – Plastic Free Drinking Water in the Motor Home

Drinking plastic-free and sustainably clean water in the motorhome? What seems the most normal thing for people with an apartment or house and normal tap water isn’t the norm when living the vanlife! However, in more than eight months on the road we managed to avoid plastic bottles and containers – here is how to enjoy plastic free drinking water in the motor home! Ever since we’ve been in Spain with our motorhome, we have observed that many other motorhomes… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Eight Months on the Road – A Recap

And then it’s suddenly been eight months on the road! Wow! Our eight month started off with us being trapped in our corona exile and ended with us being more excited than ever to drive around beautiful Portugal! The first few days of our eight month on the road have been full of rain and wind and cold weather and we were sliiiightly tired of it. Initially we thought that when we enter Portugal we would be travelling around the… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Seven Months on the Road – a Recap

Can you believe it’s been more than seven months since we moved into our motor home? Where did time go? Ever since the fifth months on the road it feels like time is just flying. Today I am sharing a little recap of our seventh month on the road; the story is all about Corona and how the virus changed our vanlife. Our seventh month on the road started on March 14 and has been the most emotional month of… Beitrag ansehen