Schnelle Bio-Küche für Unterwegs und auf Reisen: mit Antersdorfer Mühle

Werbung Eine der häufigsten Fragen in Bezug auf unsere Langzeitreise im Wohnmobil ist: was kochst du unterwegs? Wie schaffst du es in deiner winzigen Küche gesund und abwechselungsreich zu kochen? Ich habe viele Antworten auf diese Frage und eine davon ist: mit Halbfertiggerichten! Am liebsten bio und nachhaltig von der Antersdorfer Mühle! Im Wohnmobil zu kochen ist tatsächlich etwas schwieriger als in einer geräumigen Küche; weil ganz einfach nicht so viel Platz da ist. Auf unseren Herd passen nicht mehr… Beitrag ansehen

Vanlife Myths Disproved

We all know some clichés about vanlife, don’t we? Vanlife people are all outdoor-lovers, adventurers, and minimalists, of course. They all drive instagramable cars, have fancy decoration, and are laidback hippies. After one year on the road, I can tell you: most of the clichés about vanlifers aren’t true at all! In today’s post I want to disprove a few of them … As a disclaimer I want to say that OF COURSE do I not know ALL vanlifers and… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Eleven Month on the Road – a Recap

Eleven month! We are on the road since almost a year! In our eleventh month on the road as a vanlife family, we crossed the broder to France and managed to get the quiet life back … after a few rather challenging weeks. Our eleventh month started off in Portugal at one of our favorite beaches ever, took us all the way through central Spain and ended in southern France, where we are right now! We had very, very good… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Ten Months on the Road – a Recap

Have you ever been away from home for ten months or longer? I have once, 15 years ago – and now. But wait, it’s not quite true … I have my home with me! Today I am sharing a recap of our tenth month on the road, living in a motor home as a family of four! And yes, another month passed, new adventures happend! What have we been up to between June 13 and July 13 in 2020!? Our… Beitrag ansehen

#vanlife: Nine Month on the Road – A Recap

And then it’s been nine months! Nine months of travelling Europe as a vanlife family of four living in a almost 20 year old Euramobil. And how are we doing over here? How are things in post-lock down Portugal going on? That is what I am going to share in today’s recap! Our ninth month started off perfectly; we were back at the Portuguese West coast taking beach hopping very serious: we’ve been hardly ever driving as many miles as… Beitrag ansehen