My Green Pregnancy #6: What I Eat in a Day (Pregnant Vegan)

This post was requested for a while now and finally here it is: what I eat in a day as a pregnant vegan! I have been sharing some insights into which supplements I take in another post a little time ago, so today really is all about the food. In general I’ve been eating a little different ever since pregnancy started – I would say that I still eat healthy overall, but I do eat a little less healthy compared… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #3: Pregnant on a Vegan Diet – Which Supplements do I take?

The most frequent question I get when it comes to my pregnancy is not what I eat or what I do to stay in balance or whatever, no, it is about which supplements I take! So in today’s post I want to share which supplements I take – and why. First of all, I want to make sure to point out that depending on your diet you have or do not have to take supplements. There are some nutrients missing… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #2: What to Wear – with L’amour est Bleu! *Cotton Dresses*

What to wear when pregnant and when wanting to live this sustainable lifestyle? I will start with this topic in today’s blog post wearing a beautiful fair fashion dress from L’amour est Bleu. In one of my recent posts I’ve been annoucing that my challenge and project for this pregnancy is to wear only pieces that I will be able to wear after pregnancy as well. Why? Because I do not find it sustainable to buy new clothes to wear… Beitrag ansehen

DIY Schwangerschaftsöl für den Babybauch

– Post in German-– enthält Werbung – Spätestens ab der 20. Schwangerschaftswoche entsteht bei den meisten schwangeren Frauen der Wunsch, dem größer werdenen Bauch eine besondere Pflege und Fürsorge zukommen zu lassen. Da eignet sich dieses DIY Schwangerschaftsöl perfekt für! Ich bin derzeit in der 20. Woche und öle meinen Bauch tatsächlich schon seit ein paar Wochen regelmäßig ein. Dabei geht es mir persönlich weniger um die Vermeidung von Schwangerschaftsstreifen (ob man diese bekommt oder nicht, hängt von vielen Faktoren… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #1 : BOOB Design Maternity Look (and what is going to happen on the Blog in 2019)

This is my first official pregnancy post! Yay! In today’s post I want to outline what I think a “green” pregnancy is, what is going to happen on the blog in the coming 12 months, and I will start my Green Pregnancy series with a very special fair fashion label… I am super excited for this blogging year and I have like soooo many plans. Actually, I pretty much planned the entire YEAR already. I know that may sound a… Beitrag ansehen