5 Pregnancy Hacks – To keep your Energy and Mood!

I’m 31 weeks into my pregnancy and recently I had quite a few people asking me what I do to feel that fit and energized in my stage of pregnancy. And I was told by other mothers that they didn’t feel as energized as I do right now – so I was thinking it might be helpful to share 5 pregnancy hacks to keep your energy and your mood where you want it to be 🙂 What I mean when… Beitrag ansehen

Three Juice Recipes for every Stage of Pregnancy: Rich in Nutrients and Mild in Taste!

We all want to get loads of nutrients into our systeme, when pregnant right!? One of the easiest ways of doing this is juicing! I love my fresh juices, and especially now that I am pregnant I get a large amount of my daily dose of nutrients through a colorful mix of homemade juices. Here we go with three juice recipes for every stage of pregnancy. All three juices are rich in nutrients and yet mild in taste… because we… Beitrag ansehen

Aromatherapie für eine entspannte Schwangerschaft – mit Taoasis

– Post in German – Werbung Ich beschäftigte mich schon länger mit Aromatherapie und dem ganzheitlichen Nutzen ätherischer Öle – aber noch nie haben mir meine Öle so sehr und so akut helfen können, wie in meiner Schwangerschaft! Im heutigen Post geht es daher ganz konrekt um Aromatherapie in der Schwangerschaft! Natürlich kann man ätherische Öle für ganz verschiedene Themen rund um die Schwangerschaft anwenden … ich habe zum Beispiel bereits ein DIY für ein Körperöl für den Babybauch gepostet,… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #8: Meditation During Pregnancy – Why and How?

Meditation! A topic I wanted to write about for a while now. However, I never really knew how to start off into this topic becaue it’s that big! Now that I am pregnant, it get’s easier, as I am going to concentrate on how meditation has helped me tremdendously during my pregnancy so far, why I find it so important to mediate, and how I manage to include meditation into my daily busy schedule. The first twelve weeks of pregnancy… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #7: What to Wear – with L’Amour est Bleu and BOOB! *Pencil Skirts*

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Even though I am not actually celebrating Valentine’s Day, I thought today is the perfect day to share an outfit wearing my “Love Always” shirt from L’amour est Bleu. Because guess what: I believe that we should share love every single minute of every single day. Not only on Valentine’s. So let’s love always… and let’s love everyone! Because love is not only to be reserved for family members, partners or friends. Every single living being… Beitrag ansehen