Pregnancy without Maternity – Clothes: A Recap

I was 41 weeks and six days pregnant – and I didn’t wear any maternity clothes during the entire time! That’s possible? Yes, and it was actually so much easier than I thought! So why did I not wear maternity clothes? Do I think they are ugly? No! There are loads of beautiful options for pregnant women out there and it’s easy to get an entire new wardrobe for the time with the baby bump – however, I personally do… Beitrag ansehen

Postpartum Belly Oil | Wochenbett-Öl

This week is all about the postpartum period or the puerperium (Wochenbett in German)! Today I am sharing a wonderful recipe for a postpartum belly oil that will help your womb recover after giving birth, and that will give you and your partner the possibility to carefully massage your belly and give thanks for what it has done for you in the past ten months! Many women have a hard time accepting their belly right after having given birth: it’s… Beitrag ansehen

Postpartum Peanut Caramel Bliss Balls | Stillkugeln

It’s postpartum week this week! So here we go with some delicious postpartum bliss balls which taste like peanut butter caramel. And a postpartum belly oil will be online in a couple of days! These bliss balls are actually for everyone, no matter if pregnant, postportum, or not even thinking about having a baby. There is one secret ingredient in here that makes these balls especially great for women who just gave birth and who want to breastfeed their baby.… Beitrag ansehen

Ethical and Fair Maternity Outfit for Pregnancy and Beyond with Isabella Oliver

This is (most probably) my very last fair fashion maternity outfit! And it is one of the very few looks that still fit 😀 My belly grew another four centimeter in the past eight days and I am hardly fitting into anything anymore. Some of you may know that I decided not to buy any maternity wear that I cannot wear after pregnancy as well, so I am pretty much down to a capsule wardrobe by now. But that’s fine!… Beitrag ansehen

Mit Algen optimal versorgt in der Schwangerschaft – Interview mit Kirstin Knufmann (Pure Raw)

Heute möchte ich mit euch ein Interview teilen, auf das ich mich schon lange freue: Kirstin Knufmann, die Gründerin von Pure Raw erzählt uns jede Menge zum Thema “Mit Algen optimal versorgt in der Schwangerschaft!” Ich hoffe, euch inspiririert und begeistert dieses Interview genauso sehr, wie es mich der Kontakt zu Kirstin in den letzten Monaten inspiriert hat! Liebe Kirstin, du bist die Gründerin von PureRaw, beschäftigst dich seit nunmehr 10 Jahren mit der roh-veganen Ernährung und bist eine absolute… Beitrag ansehen