White and Blue in Tunesia

Before going to Winter outfits, I want to take you back to Tunesia again…… right before taking the train to the airport, a package arrived at my place with this cute maternatity dress/shirt. Since its quite big its just perfect for my growing belly and I have been wearing it a lot in Tunesia, sometimes as dress as sometimes as shirt 🙂 I found this great thrifting website for maternatiy and baby clothes, called mamikreisel.de and I began buying my… Beitrag ansehen

Collecting sea shells at Mahdia beach

Here comes another post with pictures from Tunesia...…we had an hotel located DIRECTLY at the beach, like from our room we walked 1 1/2 minutes. It was quite perfect. Usually in the afternoon we went for walks at the beach and we were collecting lots of sea shells to build a mobile for our baby 🙂 So I guess this is my first official pregnancy look 🙂 I loved the warm weather in Tunesia cause I could just wear easy dresses… Beitrag ansehen

I guess I cannot hide it anymore…

So, here comes a small surprise…… some of you may have thought, when looking at my last posts, that I gained some weight and that my belly is not that flat anymore. Well, its not because I changed my diet or because I had too much food! Its actually, because I am five month pregnant! I know, I took a long time to tell you but I wanted to make sure that everything is okay with the baby before making… Beitrag ansehen