Pink belly

I dont know what this thing with pink is… … but I just wear this color A LOT recently. So here is another pink belly look 🙂 By the way, there are two things I learned during pregnancy: 1. a simple dress is always a good option, as long as you can wear a nice blazer (or cardigan) on top 2. blouses are made to be worn unbuttoned during pregnancy 🙂 So here I am wearing a blouse from sheinside which… Beitrag ansehen

Floral Blazer

I love floral prints! And I am wearing them a lot recently… since its gettings more and more difficult to dress up, I like to wear my floral blazer on top of a simple knit dress to keep the comfort on a maximum level and still enjoy some floral prints 🙂 So here I am wearing my Hess Natur cashmere dress (such a great piece for pregnancy! I already loved it before but I do even more now that it… Beitrag ansehen

Grey and light pink

Grey with light pink is one of my favorite color combinations… … I liked this combination for cozy Winter outfits and I still like it now that Spring is (veeeery slowly) coming. So here is an outfit in my favorite color combination 🙂 I am wearing a simple grey, woolen dress from Zara in here, its actually around six years old and I still wear it on a quite regular basis. It definetly was a good choice at the time… Beitrag ansehen

Waiting for Spring

It was cold when I took of my coat to take these pictures… …the weather these days is crazy; its hails, rains, a heavy wind blows and its cold. Still I wanted to take some pictures so I took of my Winter coat for five minutes so that my husband could shoot some pictures really quick. We took advantage of some fiveteen minutes where there was neither rain nor hail and we hurried to get back home again after taking… Beitrag ansehen

Pink Blazer

Still no Spring weather around here……so I still wear pink to cheer myself up 🙂 Here I am wearing my pink blazer which I actually bought back in 2013 somewhere in a mall in Connecticut. Since, I only wore it ONCE! I have no idea why. Maybe I was afraid of the pink color, maybe I was afraid of the shape, I really dont know. But the other day I looked at it and I thought if I do not wear… Beitrag ansehen