My Green Pregnancy #7: What to Wear – with L’Amour est Bleu and BOOB! *Pencil Skirts*

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Even though I am not actually celebrating Valentine’s Day, I thought today is the perfect day to share an outfit wearing my “Love Always” shirt from L’amour est Bleu. Because guess what: I believe that we should share love every single minute of every single day. Not only on Valentine’s. So let’s love always… and let’s love everyone! Because love is not only to be reserved for family members, partners or friends. Every single living being… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #4: What To Wear – with ThokkThokk and KokoWorld *Sweat Pants*

It is time for another all fair and ethical pregnancy outfit! Fot this post I am wearing a shirt from KokoWorld that I’ve been wearing since almost a year, and some sweatpants from ThokkThokk which are among my most worn pants at the moment – they are just so comfy!!! I pimped this basic look with my golden vegan bag and sneakers from Nine To Five. Sometimes it’s that easy to make it from PJ style to street wear 😀… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #2: What to Wear – with L’amour est Bleu! *Cotton Dresses*

What to wear when pregnant and when wanting to live this sustainable lifestyle? I will start with this topic in today’s blog post wearing a beautiful fair fashion dress from L’amour est Bleu. In one of my recent posts I’ve been annoucing that my challenge and project for this pregnancy is to wear only pieces that I will be able to wear after pregnancy as well. Why? Because I do not find it sustainable to buy new clothes to wear… Beitrag ansehen

Floral Sweater

Now this is my last maternity look! It has everything I love at the moment – light pink, floral prints and grey. The sweater is a new one which I actually bought for after pregnancy but then I could not wait wearing it and I was really happy to see that its fits on top of my belly 🙂 I hope you enjoy this last matenity look of mine. I will be back soon with new outfits… I guess from… Beitrag ansehen

Casual Bump Style

A casual Spring outfit… So here I am wearing a H&M blouse on top of a simple white shirt, a H&M maternity jeans, some really old sneakers and my floral scarf from C&A. I like the lace details on the dark bloue blouse- it gives this casual outfit a little bit of an extra 🙂 As you can maybe tell from my last outfit post, the floral scarf became one of my new favorite items pretty quick. I bought it… Beitrag ansehen