Ethical and Fair Maternity Outfit with LANA Organic: Wrap Dress!

Here we go with yet another ethical and fair maternity outfit. Maybe my last one, maybe not. Noone knows, except maybe for that little one in my belly who may arrive today – or in four weeks … Today’s maternity outfit is with LANA Organic, a label that I have been writing about back here. Today I am again wearing a dress, as dresses absolutely are the most comfortable to wear at this stage of pregnancy. I’ve been wearing dresses… Beitrag ansehen

Ethical Fashion Pregnancy Outfit for Spring with Hess Natur and BOOB Design

I’m in week 36 and I begin to wonder how many pregnancy outfits I will be able to share before our little baby is here… at least this one here, that is for sure! I really love this simple maternity look for many reasons, one is the fact that the blouse I am wearing is 100% dyed with plants only! Another one is the endless comfort of these pants… but read more below 🙂 In case you have read my… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #11: What to Wear – with LANA Organic *Dresses*

Here we go, finally, with a new maternity outfit – without any maternity clothes! Wearing non-maternity wear during pregnancy is so much easier than you might think! You don’t believe me? Let me show you! But why do I wear non-maternity wear in the before-last month of my pregnancy at all? Why do I not just shop some maternity pieces? Well, it’s for reasons of sustainability! I do simply not find it very sustainable to wear certain pieces for only… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #10: What to Wear with L’Amour est Bleu *Blouses*

Here we go for another maternity outfit without maternity clothes! Today is all about blouses; more specifically a cupro blouse from L’amour est Bleu. Blouses are perfect for pregnancy and even in my bump-state I can still wear most oft the blouses in my wardrobe. Okay, this is because I love the oversized style anyway and I do now profit from the fact that most of my blouses run rather large. For today’s post I chose a blouse from the… Beitrag ansehen

My Green Pregnancy #9: Second Hand Maternity Look without Maternity Clothes!

– Advertisement/Werbung – No matter, if pregnant or not, second hand clothes are always a wonderful option for a sustainable and eco friendly wardrobe! Wearing second hand pieces during pregnancy is very common, however in today’s post I want to show you how I styled an outfit that consists of only non-maternity second hand pieces and yet fits my belly perfectly. Why I do that? Because I believe that we do not need to buy a ton of maternity clothes… Beitrag ansehen