In front of the Brick Wall

Time for a small outfit post tonight 🙂   Beitrag ansehen

Happy MLK day!

Today was my first Martin Luther King Day!   I went to a Martin Luther King brunch which i really enjoyed! The food was great and the speech by B. Jones was just amazing. How did you celebrate the MLK day? I know we do not celebrate it in Europe, but what about my readers from the US? Have you been to a MLK brunch too? Or to a silent march? I think this holiday is so great and it… Beitrag ansehen

Exploration in A. Ohio

Since I did not post in the last days, I think it is time for an update 🙂 Today, I’ve been on a small exploration trip around an old psychiatric clinic and a house which is said to be haunted. It did not seem that haunted to me, but people told me that there was a girl burned inside the house and her body was never found. So since, the ghost of the girl is wandering around the house.I didn’t… Beitrag ansehen