Second Hand Fashion vs Upcycling Fashion vs Fair Fashion – What is Best?

Fair Fashion is wonderful right!? But what about the ressources spend on producing the new items? Isn’t upcycling so much better then? But even there; ressources are being used to wash and work on the old fabrics… so isn’t second hand clothing the only really sustainble option out there? These are a few of the questions I would like to discuss in today’s post! And allow me to anticipate one thing: all three options are GREAT! And all three options… Beitrag ansehen

Three Easy Cosmetic DIYs with Lavender Essential Oil (Lavender Face Oil, Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Face Mask)

Today I have three easy DIYs for you! I am sharing the recipe for a lavender face oil, a lavender body scrub, and a lavender face mask. All three recipes are perfect for any skin type, but especially for aging skin and skin with acne and /or impurities. The lavender in all three recipes comes from natural and organic lavender essential oil. I personally love the scent of lavender and especially since I went to visit the lavender fields in… Beitrag ansehen

Am I Actually Living a Conscious and Sustainble Lifestyle at All?

New clothes every month, food products coming in plastic bags, loads of parcels with press samples shipped through the entire world, hip events here and there, and all that electrictiy spend on working on the laptop all day long; I mean seriously am I actually living a conscious and sustainable lifestyle AT ALL? And, more precisely, do I actually have an impact on this world with what I do? And am I entitled to do what I do here on… Beitrag ansehen

Fair Fashion Myths Disproved – Part II: Fair Fashion Doesn’t Make a Difference

Paid Advertisement I today’s post about fair fashion myths, I want to outline in which way a fair fashion item is different compared to a conventional fast fashion item: however, not too much about how the final product is different but rather how the whole production process is different. From the way the cotton is grown all the way up how the different pieces of fabric are sewed together to the final product. I am going to take a PJ… Beitrag ansehen

Über Nachhaltigkeit

Ich weiß, dass ich nicht allein bin, wenn ich jetzt schreibe, dass ich als Bloggerin manchmal angegriffen werde. Ich finde das im Großen und Ganzen auch okay. Kritik kann ja auch durchaus konstruktiv sein. Dennoch ist mir aufgefallen, dass es ein Muster gibt, wann und wie ich kritisiert werde und ich muss zugeben, dass es mich erstaunt, was an mir kritisiert wird und was nicht. Ich könnte es zum Beispiel absolut nachvollziehen, wenn jemand die schlechte Qualität meiner Fotos kritisiert… Beitrag ansehen