Homemade Rucola/Rocket-Cashew-Pesto (vegan)

I got this wonderful machine for christmas, which allows me to make a lot of great new things…… and between others it allowed me to start my pesto-creation-carreer 🙂 The first pesto I want  to share with you is this Rucola-Cashew-Pesto You need Two big handfull of RucolaTwo small handfull of Cashew nutsA spoon full of tomatoe pasteTwo spoons full of yeast flakes SaltOlive oil (or other oil… I used some olive oil and some walnut oil) And then just… Beitrag ansehen

Alfalfa Sprouts and homemade Sandwich Spreads…

Since I don|t eat dairy products any longer, I like to experience with homemade sandwich spreads……and I have to say that I do not miss cheese at all!Last week I put some alfala seeds into our mini- garden and I had them yesterday for the first time! I love them! Its so easy to make them and so yummy and super healthy! I can definetly recommend alfalfa sprouts 🙂 I made sooo many sandwich spreads these days but here I… Beitrag ansehen

Vegan Brunch

Yesterday we had a house warming brunch…Since I eat no dairy products since a little while, I made it become a vegan brunch (except for some cheese for those who like cheese… :))I made a sweet millet gruel with apple, cinnamon and cardamon, nut-cake and chocolate- cake and different small nut balls with cranberries, plums and dates inside, on the sweet side of the table 🙂  On the salty side of the table I had several homemade sandwich spreads (made… Beitrag ansehen

Favorite summer smoothies

I want to show you a few of my favorite summer smoothies…  I really love smoothies as they make it so easy to eat lots of veggies and fruits without having to actually eat them the whole day 🙂  Especially when its hot as these days, I love to have a cold smoothie in the afternoon (in winter its usually a hot coffee or tea that I prefer) Usually I go to the market every Saturday to buy lots of… Beitrag ansehen

Gooseberry compote on semolina pudding

I really like to try out new things with fruits… and right now its berry season in Germany 🙂 This is why I made this gooseberry compote on semolina pudding and as I really loved it (and my little cousin and J. did too), I decided to share the recipe with you 🙂Its really easy, really good, healthy and its perfect for summer (we had it for breakfast this morning)      What you need: Gooseberries, sugar, vanilla sugar, semolina… Beitrag ansehen