Bean-Chili-Dip, Baba Ganoush, and Green Hummus

Today I want to share with you three yummy vegan dip ideasA red and spicy bean and chili dip, a homemade baba ganoush and a green peas hummus For the bean and chili dip you will need– red bell pepper (1/2 of a big one)– kidney beans (a small can)– fresh chili (two or three – depending on how spicy you like it)– tomatoe paste (3 tea spoons)– canned tomatoes (one small can)– soy sauce (2 tea spoons)– some garlicJust… Beitrag ansehen

Koro-Drogerie (Review German)

Today I want to show my German followers the Koro-Drogerie. Die KoRo-Drogerie ist eine neue Online Drogerie mit günstigen Preisen in Großpackungen. Gängige Haushaltsprodukte sowie eine Auswahl an gesunden Lebensmitteln können hier bestellt werden. Man bestellt für einen pauschalen Versandpreis von 6,90 € bis zu 31,5 kg. Hier geht`s zur Koro-Drogerie Ich war ziemlich begeistert, als ich erfahren habe, dass ich die Korodrogerie testen darf, denn ich war schon lange auf der Suche nach einem Online-Shop, in dem ich Nüsse… Beitrag ansehen

Buckwheat pancakes with homemade cashew-dates-spread

Hello there! Today I want to share with you my favorite Sunday breakfast 🙂Buckhweat pancakes with homemade cashew-dates-spreadFor the pancakes you just need buckhweat flour, banana-milk (water and bananas, mixed in the highspeed blender), baking soda. Then just make some like normal pancakes 🙂 For the spread you need cashwes, dates, and either water, orange juice or lemon juice. I used fresh lemon juice in this one cause I felt like having some lemon-taste 🙂 Just blend the ingredients in the… Beitrag ansehen

My favorite ways to eat POLENTA

Since I became vegan last year, I discoverd so many new things to eat… One of them is Polenta. I never had polenta before but since I got to know it, I eat it very often. I just love how easy it is made, and how easy it is combined with all different kinds of food.  In this post you can see two ways of how to enjoy polenta: A (fried) pesto-polenta (made with pesto-spices) with a green salad, homemade… Beitrag ansehen

Vegan Brunch #2

Here comes the promised post about our vegan brunch from last Saturday…We made three breads, three cakes, a bunch of sandwich spreads, a soup, different styled oatmeal and we had some fruits and different juices and tea and coffee. I will not share all the recipes as its a little too much, but at least the ones from the sandwich spreads (they are also easiest to copy)… if there are other recipes you would like to know more about, just feel free… Beitrag ansehen