Why I changed my diet…

Here we go with my first About Life post. This first one is going to be about a topic which is really important for me and which did have a huge impact on my life, my lifestyle, my health and my philosophy of life in general!So as most of you know, I eat a vegan diet since more than a year by now. So here is how I started and why I changed my eating habits.  Last Summer I went to… Beitrag ansehen

Opening Event – VEGANZ – a vegan supermarket

Hey there!So today I want to share with you my impressions from the opening event of VEGANZ. Veganz is actually the first European supermarket chain which is vegan only. Actually, are they vegan only supermarket chains in the US??? I would love to know! Anyway, there are few Veganz markets all around Germany and I’ve been waiting for the opening here in Leipzig for more than a year now (they were supposed to open last year but then things went chaotic… Beitrag ansehen

Vegan, gluten-free cherry-cupcakes with cashew-lime frosting

What a long name for those small cupcakes… 😉 Anyway, they are vegan, gluten-free and super yummy and easy to make! For the cupcakes you just need: 1 1/2 cups  gluten free flour of your choice (I used buckwheat flour) 3/4 cups of sugar (I used brown sugar)1/3 cups of vegetable oil VanillaCherriesBaking Soda (a spoonfull)Vinegar (a sponnfull)And some water (as much as you need to make the dough smooth)  Blend all you ingedrients together, fill your dough into you cupcake-pan… Beitrag ansehen

The Breakfast Post (Part II)

Its been a long time ago that I made a Breakfast Post…… now I want to bring this small series back to live with ideas and inspirations for your (vegan) healthy breakfast 🙂  Here we go with pancakes made out of spelt and buckwhat flour, chia seeds, one banana, backing powder and some water – a healthy alternative to the usual wheat pancakes and perfect for a long breakfast on a weekend morning. I love to have my pancakes with… Beitrag ansehen

Something sweet- baked banana with vegan chocolate dip

Time for something sweet!This recipe is just perfect for the barbeque season because baked banans just taste best when you grill them outside 🙂 Its sugar free, its dairy free and its just super yummy!  What you will need are as many bananas as you wish, a bunch of salty peanuts, some dark (vegan) chocolate, soy cream and a little bit of agave syrup. And you will get this:  So first how to make the (vegan) chocolate dip: Heat some… Beitrag ansehen