Eco Conscious Vacation at the North Sea: The Beach Hotel Kurhaus Juist

In September 2019 I spent a week on the island Juist, located in the North Sea. Juist is a very unique and special island for many reasons. One is the fact that the entire island is very eco conscious and overall rather sustainable: no cars are allowed on the island, rainwater is carefully reused, and waste is avoided wherever possible. The beach hotel Kurhaus Juist is one amazing example for how sustainability in the hotel sector works! As a small… Beitrag ansehen

Gut Nisdorf – an all Organic Family Hotel!

Advertisement Last week I spent a few beautiful days at Gut Nisdorf at the Baltic Sea Coast. Gut Nisdorf is an all organic family hotel. You do not know what that’s supposed to mean? Just read on… Are you looking for a place to visit with your family? And you want to go somewhere where you as a family can actually spend a good time together? A place where you can just be YOU and your kids can be just… Beitrag ansehen

Ein Wochenende im Schwarzwald – Hotel Lamm in Mitteltal

-Post in German- -Werbung- Vor zwei Wochen habe ich zusammen mit meinem Mann und meiner Tochter zwei wunder, wunderschöne Tage im Hotel Lamm im Schwarzwald verbracht. Warum, wo genau und wie es uns dort gefallen hat, darüber möchte ich heute gerne berichten! Normalerweise fahren mein Mann und ich jedes Jahr über unseren Hochzeitstag am 1. Oktober wandern, aber dieses Jahr war zu der Zeit so viel los, dass wir es nicht geschafft haben. Also haben wir geschaut, was wir Mitte… Beitrag ansehen

Vegan in Berlin: Almodovar Hotel Berlin

Are you into Christmas markets? If so, Berlin is your destination for this time of the year! There you will find the most beautiful Christmas markets – and great vegan options everywhere! Not only can you be sure to find vegan friendly markets, but also restaurants, cafés, and even a hotel! The Almodovar Hotel Berlin is an all organic and all vegetarian/vegan hotel. I went there the other day, had a quick look at their rooms, and spent a beautiful… Beitrag ansehen

Vegan in Czech Republic – Vital Hotel Novina

Have you every stayed in a vegan hotel? Do you actually know that there are vegan hotels out there? I had the pleasure to have my very first visit in an all vegan hotel in Czech Republic earlier this month. In the beautiful valley of Údolský stream, close to the Polish border there is a small village called Novina. And there, in the middle of nowhere, is the the very first Czech vegan hotel. The hotel opened only 13 months… Beitrag ansehen