Alternatives to Conventional Sunscreen (and After Sun Care)

We are in the middle of summer and of course; the question about the right sunscreen is one we all ask sooner or later. In today’s post I want to share with you why I would NEVER ever use conventional sunscreen, how you can make your own sunscreen, and what alternatives you can shop. I am also sharing some tips for an organic and natural aftersun care. Let me begin by explaining why I would never ever use conventional sunscreen;… Beitrag ansehen

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift – Superfood Topping for Muesli or Oatmeal

The day after tomorrow is Christmas! And I am still making gifts and am far from done with wrapping the gifts I already have. What about you? Are you done with everything? In case you still need a DIY idea for a Christmas gift I have one for you – a superfood topping for muesli or oatmeal! It is very easy to make and a great gift for everyone who likes muesli or oatmeal, who eats healthy or who wants… Beitrag ansehen

Homemade Sunscreen

I have been looking for a good sunscreen for my baby… of course I only use organic products for my baby since I only want the best for her skin. However, even in the organic sunscreens available on the market there is lots of stuff in there, where I am not sure if I really want my baby’s skin to absorb it or not. So I decided to make my own sunscreen to make sure that only the best ingredients… Beitrag ansehen

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Today I want to share with you some gift wrapping ideas…it’s two weeks to Christmas so I thought its time to share some ideas on how to wrap this years Christmas gifts 🙂 What I love to do when wrapping gifts, is to choose a really basic paper. I love for example simple brown paper. I then like to decorote the simple paper with pretty ribbon, stamps, tape in various colors and with nice prints, stickers or small felt items. These… Beitrag ansehen

Fruits your skin love

Its time for a Winter DIY cosmestics special 🙂 So in this post I decided to pull together a few of my favorite DIYs for Winter. As you know, I love organic and homemade skincare and I love to try new creations. I shared a few with you earlier, like here, here or here and I am really sorry that I took so long to share more with you! Which fruits are good for your skin? Basically all fruits and veggies have nutritients… Beitrag ansehen