Last Minute Christmas Gift DIY: Homemade Body Oil

Christmas is just around the corner! I personally do not like to go shopping the last few days before Christmas. I prefer to stay at home and make some last minute DIY gifts. This year, I made some homemade body oils. Body oils are really easy and fast to make and you can adjust them to your taste, by playing around with different essential oils. I like for example lavender, vanilla, and orange. Here we go with my simple recipe… Beitrag ansehen

DIY Face Masks Favorites

Fall is finally here and this means loads of cozy time on the sofa with hot chocolate, big socks and a face mask. I personally love face masks and they are a mandatory part of every relaxed sofa night. Today I want to share my current favorites when it comes to diy face masks. They are all super easy and fast to make and they come plastic free. However, they are not all vegan, since some of them contain honey.… Beitrag ansehen

My (almost) Plastic free Body Care Routine (and a DIY Body Scrub)

Today I want to share a little more about my (almost) plastic free cosmetic routine and also an easy recipe for a diy body scrub that I use around once a week. I have been sharing posts about my face skin care routine and about my hair care routine which are both almost plastic free. However, so far I have not shared too much about my body care routine. So here we go 🙂 Going plastic free is rather easy… Beitrag ansehen

My (almost) Plastic free Hair Care & how I wash my Hair with Rye Flour

I know some of you have been waiting for this post – so finally here it is. I will share with you some details on how I wash my hair with rye flour and what else I use to take care of my hair. Back HERE I have been sharing with you that I wash my hair with rye flour and I got a bunch of comments asking me about how exactly I am doing it why after all I… Beitrag ansehen

Alternatives to conventional Deodorant (organic and Plastic free)

In one of my latest post, I shared some alternatives to conventional sunscreen (you can find the post HERE) and I was happy to see that this interested many of you! Today I will continue this small series with some alternatives to conventional deodorant. I am sure you heard about the whole debate on deodorants containing aluminum and how this is related to breast cancer!? Well, aluminium is only one in a long list of chemicals you can find in… Beitrag ansehen