DIY Tension Release Balm/Oil with Essential Oils

A little while ago I’ve been posting my homemade tension release balm in my insta stories and I got quite a few messages asking for the recipe. So here it is! It is super easy to blend together and what I love about this recipe is that the balm isn’t smelling like most tension release products you will find out there. I mean, you know what I am talking about right? The scent of eucalyptus can be really nice, it… Beitrag ansehen

DIY Face Oil for Summer

Face oil for summer? Isn’t that way too greasy? Not if you use the right oils! This is why I decided to share two recipes for summer face oils: one for the night and one for the day. The recipes are both super easy to make and the outcome is just amazing! These two face oils are my favorites in summer and I personally use them every single day! I am sharing two recipes with you; one for an oil… Beitrag ansehen

Natural After Sun Care (incl. Recipe for Homemade After Sun Lotion)

We are in the middle of Summer and I think it is time to discuss some natural after sun care 🙂 I know I am a little late with the topic but at least here in Germany it seems like summer is only starting right now. We had a super cold July and only towards the end of the month the weather became summer like. Now it is actually getting really warm and I spend almost every second day at… Beitrag ansehen

How to Survive a German Winter Part 5: Nourishing Face Oils

Who has got a problem with dry skin in Winter? I do. And I am pretty sure, I am not alone. That’s why today’s “how to survive a German winter” is all about nourishing face oils. Face oils work great when you have dry skin, but they work equally wonderful when you have normal or even fatty skin or blemishes. Depending on which oils you use, you can calm, nourish, fatten or balancing your face’s skin with high quality organic… Beitrag ansehen

How to Survive a German Winter Part 2 – Warming Bath Oil DIY

Here we go with part II of my “How to survive a German Winter” series. Or rather; how to survive any neverending winter, not only a German one. Part I was all about how to boost your immune systeme during this time of the year. Part II is about how to stay warm and enjoy a little spa moment with your bath oil diy. To make your own bath oil is super easy. There are two essential ingredients: a carrier… Beitrag ansehen