Lavera Naturkosmetik – a company and product Review

I’ve been thinking about doing Reviews for some time…… but I was’nt sure if I should do it or not, because I wanted to make sure that I only review products of companies which I love 100% and which are 100% organic and fair.  Now I decided to make my first Review about the German company Lavera which I actually know since I’m a little child! The company is having its 25th anniversairy this year and my mother used to… Beitrag ansehen

DIY mask/ face scrub

Another idea for an all organic and healthy mask/ face scrub… You just need grounded almonds and honey. Blend both together and apply to your face. Leave for 30- 60 minutes and when you take it off again add a little bit of water to your hands and scrub the mask off.  The honey is cleaning the skin and the almond gives some extra nutritions and is especially good for dry skin. I really love this mask and apply it… Beitrag ansehen

DIY Body Scrub

A salt- lavender- olive- oil scrub to prepapre for summer… As promised, here is a first DIY for cosmetics.For this Body Scrub you only need some coarse salt, lavender, and olive oil. You can just mix the three ingredients together in a bowl, or you can put all of it in a small jar and store it.  Its pretty easy made and it’s really good in the beginning of summer to get rid of dead skin and stuff.  And depending… Beitrag ansehen