Bretagne/Brittany: My Five Highlights

The wild Brittany!

Those who have heard of Brittany before have certainly rough coastlines in mind … but there is more to Brittany than that! In today’s post I am sharing my personal highlights from one of the most beautiful regions in northern France!

I will be honest with you before getting started for real: I didn’t explore all of Brittany! We planned to do so though. However, when we were in the Baie de Quiberon, we got stuck in that area for over a week and just went from one beach the other to discover the beauty of that area.

Seriously, the Baie de Quiberon alone has so many different coast lines: there is the Morbihan area which is quiet and amazing for long walks/hikes, there is the Quiberon peninsula which is windy and wild, and there is everything in between: amazing long beaches, areas for surf and other windsports, hiking trails, and beautiful villages all over the place.

The other side of Brittany, facing towards the North Sea, is completely different again: huge tidelands, countless seashells, and endless beaches.

Here are my five Brittany highlights …

1. Hirel – and the beaches around Saint-Malo

Have you ever been for a walk in the tidelands? If not you should consider putting it on your bucket list! In Hirel you can go for endless walks, either on the beach, or in the mud – always depending on the tide.

The beaches here are covered with seashells and you can find amazing snail shells, sea shells, and more (perfect for a beautiful DIY souvenir!).

If you are travelling with a motor home or van I recommend going to Hirel beach: here you can park directly at the beach and enjoy the view even during an indoor lunch break. Is there any better than having lunch while watching the tide arrive? 

2.  Baden – and the beaches around

Baden is a lovely small village, typical for the area, but the hiking trails around are the reason for why this area is a favorite!

When going to Port Blanc you will find a small hiking trail which takes you alongside the Anse du Moustran – and it’s so pretty there! Take your picnic with you and have a break at the small beach, enjoying the view of the yachts and fishing boats.

The water here is quiet – nothing to be compared with the wild side of Brittany. That is because Baden and Port Blanc are part of the Baie de Quiberon and therefore rather protected from strong winds.

There is a motor home parking space close to Port Blanc that is absolutely okay. It costs some 8euro (off season) to stay there for 24h.

3. Dinan

The coastline is one thing: the villages and towns another! Dinan is known for being a town completely made out of stones – and it truly looks amazing; as if you were time travelling.

In case you are travelling in a van or motor home; there is a free parking space not too far away from the city center. You can walk there alongside the river and it is an absolutely beautiful walk (that I recommend even when you are staying at that parking)! You will pass by the huge ancient bridge and see much more of Dinan as you probably would when just visiting the city center only.

Dinan is a tourist hotspot – and yet it is so worth going there! Just go off season, then you will be able to enjoy the beauty of that town!

By the way, there are LOADS of beautiful small towns and villages all around Brittany. So in case you do not make it to Dinan, don’t worry about it: whe you’ve seen two or three villages you get a pretty good idea anyway of what the typcial architecture looks like.

4. The Beach of Kernevest and the area of Saint Philibert

Another highlight in the Baie de Quiberon! Here you can find different small and bigger beaches, another beautiful coastline hiking trail which you can walk forever, and quiet waters which are great for swimming. You can walk the trails pretty much from one beach to the other – and when the weather is nice just do some beach hopping.

We went for a beautiful hike, however, as it was a rather rainy day we didn’t go to enjoy the beaches too much that day.

With a motor home you can stay almost directly at the plage Kernevest on a parking spot alongside the road. There isn’t much traffic and you will sleep with the sound of the waves in your ears.

5. Quiberon

And now the Quiberon peninsula! Here is where Brittany is the Brittany most people think and dream of! Wild, rough, and amazing!

Going with motor home, we stayed on a parking space with the view over the ocean, listening to the breakers while falling asleep. The next day we went for a six hours hike alongside the coastline – and it was just wonderful! Even our four year old girl walked almost the entire way all by herself because she was just too busy enjoying the view and walking on the adventurours trail to be tired.

I will leave you here with a few pictures from the Quiberon peninsula which speak for themselves…

These have been my personal five highlights from Brittany, France!

Have you been to Brittany yet? Which ones are your highlights? I would love to know so make sure to leave a comment here or on instagram!


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