Anti Aging Facemask DIY with CBD Oil


Yes, I am on the CBD hype as well! And today I have a wonderful recipe for a DIY anti aging facemask, containing CBD oil. Why to use CBD in a face mask? Because it has amazing anti aging properties – but more on that below …

Before starting into the recipe let’s look into what CBD actually is!? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis. CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant and does NOT cause a “high” like THC is doing. In case you are into trending foods and/or an alternative lifestyle, I am sure that you have heard or even used hemp oil (super healthy!) or maybe you own some clothes made of hemp!? See, not all hemp makes you high 😉  

CBD got very popular in the past few months because on the one hand it is a natural option for pain relief, to de-stress, and for better sleep, on the other hand it contains loads and loads of antioxidants! And here we get closer to why to use CBD oil in your anti aging skin care…

But is also CBD oil the same? No it isn’t! Being very popular by now, you will find all kind of CBD oil and wannabe CBD oil out there. And as with everything, it does make a huge different if you use a cheap oil where the hemp oil is blended up with all kind of other stuff, of if you use a high quality one!

I personally use the 15% CBD Oil from Alpinols which is an all natural and organic CBD oil. It contains 15% broad spectrum hemp extract and sunflower seed oil. However, you can also get CBD oils with lower dosages such as 10% or 5%. For skin care, I recommend a 15% oil as you will get the best results with it.

Please always make sure to choose organic products, especially when it comes to skin care! I am sure you do not want those pesticides and hormones to go straight into your blood stream when being absorbed by you skin; so please avoid this by using organic products.

On a sidenote: Hemp seed oil or hemp oil is not CBD oil! While hemp oil is derived from the hemp seed, CBD oil is from the plant.

Since CBD is a really rich source of antioxidants it works very well when you are looking for firmer skin, a defence against pollution, or if you want to prevent wrinkles. A full-spectrum CBD oil is actually packed with vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, and E as well as beta-carotene, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, selenium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, flavonoids, and terpenes. This explains why it’s antioxidant content is super high.

Another benefit of CBD oil is that it is the perfect treatment for everyone having sensitive skin. The oil is skin-calming and can help minimize issues such as redness.

During my pregnancy I had very sensitive skin and I had great experiences with a skin balm containg CBD oil. However, you can actually just add a few drops of CBD oil to your usual skin care to get some extra antioxidants and a calming component into your daily skin care routine!

But now to the face mask recipe!

This anti aging face mask is super easy to make and I am almost sure that you have most of the ingredients in the house:

1/2 banana
1 TS rosehip oil (or jojoba oil)
1 TS Honey
3-5 drops CBD oil (10-15%)

Carefully blend all ingredients together and apply to your skin. Wash with warm water after around 20 minutes.

I you like a vegan version of this face mask just leave out the honey!

Why did I choose these ingredients?

Bananas are high in Vitamin C and B-6, they have loads of manganese and their antioxidant content prevents premature aging. Bananas are also a wonderful natural moisturizer.

Rosehip oil is actually the ultimate anti aging oil because of it’s high amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Lycopene (which is another antioxidant).

Honey, again, is full of antioxidants but it is also extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a beautiful glow to your face.

So together with the CBD oil you truly get an antioxidant boost here in this face mask! But not only that; you will also be left with a well nourished and moisturized skin that will glow like never before 😉

Of course you can use the same CBD oil that you use for your skin care as a pain relief or a de-stresser as well! Most people start off with a small dosage of CBD oil under their tongue and see how it works for them, before increasing the dosage.

Again, make sure to use a high quality organic CBD no matter if for internal intake or for external use. I can recommend the 15% CBD Oil from Alpinols which is a 100% Swiss made oil that is made with an innovative and unique CO2 extraction process to guarntee best quality!

Feel free to check out Alpinols for more information.


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