All Natural Sparkling Christmas Make Up

Are you looking for a sparkling christmas make up that is all natural and organic and not harming your skin or systeme? I’ve got you covered! I love all the gold for christmas and I always had a hard time finding golden make up and nail polish which is all natural and organic. However, this year I found some really nice products that I liked that much, that I decided to share a little make up post for you.

I actually always get so excited to find really good all natural and organic beauty products as it shows over and over again that there isn’t really a need to buy conventional cosmetics that contains harming ingredients and is maybe even tested on animals. Going the green way is not only better for you, nature, and planet earth, but it is also equally good when it comes to performance.

My highlight this season is from Provida Organics, a cosmetics brand that I love since a while already. It’s a family owned business that has really high criteria when it comes to their products. They did not only invent the first organic nail polish but also sells the only demeter certified nail polish on the market!

They have this really pretty eyeshadow set with gold, bronze, and brown mineral eyeshadow; which is just the perfect mix for this season. Like most mineral powders, the colors are very highly pigmented and intense. The bronze and gold are super shimmery and pretty.

The other highlight that I discovered recently is this organic and demeter certified golden nail polish. I am so in love with it and just find it perfect for christmas! All colored organic nail polish from Provida consist exclusively of the patented organic nail polish and pure mineral powders! Isn’t that cool?

How do you like it?

Another product that I have been using here is a light make up from Provida  made from plant waxes and vegetable oils (all vegan!)  from controlled organic farming. The make up is rather nourishing which makes it perfect for winter. There is some micronized titanium oxide in the make up which gives a natural UV protection.

Perfect for everyday use I think.

Finally I also used a few products from other brands; a mineral rouge from Lavera, a dark red lipstick from Sante, a light golden eyeshadow from PuroBio, a brown eyeliner from Lavera, and a brown mascara from zao.

Talking about brown eyeliner and mascara; do you know other brands that are all natural and sell dark brown eyeliner? So far I have only found the one from Lavera and I would love to try a few other ones. I actually really enjoy to combine dark brown with gold instead of the usual black, but find it hard to get hands on organic dark brown mascara and eyeliner.

On a sidenote; I also found my favorite Christmas tea! The Yogi Tea Christmas Tea has the perfect ayuverdic blend of spices and when you let it sit for long enough it will absolutely heat you up from the inside. In case you aren’t a fan of the usual fruit-aroma-christmas tea either, then I think you will like this one!

I actually love basically all Yogi Tea blends and am always really excited when I have some in the house.

Also, Yogi Tea has this “seven minutes awareness” challenge going on right now; it is all about taking those seven minutes that your tea is steeping to be in the present, be aware of yourself, skim through your body, and just take those seven minutes off. I like this idea!

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to read your feedback!


This blog post contains names of/pictures of/weblinks to brands and hence, is perceived advertisement. I was not paid for the post and all opinion is my own.


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3 Kommentare

  1. alimackin2013
    Dezember 12, 2017 / 11:12 pm

    Oh that is a pretty set and even better that it is organic, I wish it was mandatory that all makeup be organic or not bad for the environment. Looks great on you too!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  2. Dezember 15, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    Weihnachten geht es bei uns immer ziemlich gemütlich zu, erst Silvester wird sich dann aufgebrezelt. 😉
    Wobei mir auch immer wichtiger wird, was für Kosmetik ich da verwende…

    Stimmt. Polaroids sind wirklich nicht ganz billig, aber so geht man auch gleich viel überlegter und sparsamer ans Fotografieren ran. 😉 Hat halt einfach einen anderen Charme, der auch mal ganz schön ist.