About Baby Wearing

Today I want so share some thoughts about baby wearing with you…

… as I already told you in this post we use our pram as a shopping cart, putting lots of mangos and watermelons in there – but never our baby. Why? Here are some thoughts about that.

First of all let me tell you one thing; its soooo much easier! Seriously, I constantly ask myself why other women are using a pram when grocery shopping or when going for a walk. Its so much more work! You need to carry the pram up and down stairs, you do not have your hands free to talk on the phone or to hold your husband’s hand and you have to move it around obstacles on the ground (like branches or construction sites. But this is of course more of a side note 🙂

The “real reasons” why I find it so important to carry my baby instead of putting it in a pram are much more physical and psychologic.

About the physical part- Baby wearing is calming to the baby who can put all its energy into growth and learning instead of whining. It helps the baby’s  body to continue to function optimally and effortlessly after it left the mother’s womb. There are even studies which show that babies who were worn in a sling or wrap gain weight faster and are healthier (I can confirm this when talking about our little one!).

But most important (for me) is the psychological/emotional part of baby wearing: Studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they cry. Our little N does not cry much at all – only when she is hungy or when she needs a new diaper. Crying is actually exhausting for babies (even though many people say its normal or even good for the lungs!) and may cause long-term damage since the baby’s developing brain is flooded with stress hormones every time it cries. The baby is feeling safe and protected in a sling or wrap and this has an effect on its entire life – babies who were worn are more confident and can handle challenges or problems better, than those who were not worn. The overall self confidence is higher when the baby feels confident and safe from the beginning of its life.
Furthermore, baby wearing is great for bonding. Usually the mother is bonding with the baby when breastfeeding – and the father is left behind. However, when the father is wearing his baby every day the baby is becoming used to his voice, heartbeat, movements and facial expressions, and the two are forging a strong attachment.

Finally, babies can see what we see, and are constantly learning when they are carried in a wrap or sling. They experience everything with us – what it is like to sit in a café having a tea with friends, to put the items in the shopping cart in the grocery store, to cut veggies and cook them etc.

There are of course some more positive things to say about baby wearing – it’s easy to breastfeed discreetly, it’s less expensive than a stroller, and, as mentioned above, its so easy and so practical!

What are your thoughts on baby wearing? Did you do it too or do you plan to? I would love to know 🙂

Sending you all much love!


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  1. Juni 26, 2015 / 6:09 pm

    Great thoughts, I think its a good idea. The concept of that can be seen with African mothers who tie their babies around their backs, its a sort of bonding that really helps with the growth, and confidence amongst other things.

  2. Juni 26, 2015 / 11:02 pm

    Liebe Larissa, also ehrlich gesagt bin ich überzeugt davon, dass Du das sehr richtig machst! Ich selber habe ja damit – wie ich Dir geschrieben habe – keine Erfahrung und weiß auch nicht, ob ich mir für Kinderwagen oder Tragetuch entschieden hätte. Allerdings habe ich über dieses Thema schon oft nachgedacht und glaube daher wirklich, dass sich der Körperkontakt auf die Kinder nur positiv auswirken kann. Wie wunderbar, dass Du das bei Eurem Baby so feststellen kannst.
    Außerdem finde ich die Fotos wunderschön, sie strahlen so viel Geborgenheit aus.
    Liebe Grüße von Rena
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  3. Juni 27, 2015 / 2:37 am

    OH MY GOSHHHHH – I'm sure that you were still pregnant the last time I stopped by!?!? I have catching up to do!!!! Congratulations girrrrrrrrrl!!!! This is amazing news and you look practically glowing with happiness and motherlyness xxxx


  4. Juni 27, 2015 / 11:51 am

    Oh gosh, what lovely pics, thanks for sharing, you look so cute!:) Actually I was thinking about baby wearing and I heard a lot of good comments on that matter, I think in the future I will definitely give it a chance, especially you described it so great:) Have a great weekend, hugs:))

  5. Juni 27, 2015 / 3:00 pm

    Awe these photos are adorable! Look at her little feet!
    I never used anything actually I had my baby during the colder months and we didn't get much time outside when she was tiny. Though I think I would have used a sling, seems much more logical! 🙂


  6. Juni 27, 2015 / 11:21 pm

    You look fantastic! *o* You must be really happy 🙂

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    Have a nice day!