A Year of Dreams Coming True – my 2019

Here we are at the end of a decade, at the end of the year 2019. For me it’s been a year of dreams coming true and most definetly one of the most life-changing and intense years of my life. Intense in a good way. It’s been a year in which I learned even more to fully trust the universe, to love, to surrender, and to just enjoy the beauty and magic of life.

It was back in the end of 2018 that my husband and I took the decision to sell our company and get a motor home to travel Europe for one year. I was pregnant at the time and we thought that the time with the new born baby would be perfect for an adventure like that. We celebrated New Year’s Eve 2018-2019 in Portugal but actually we went to bed before midnight on December 2018. January first and second we spent at the beach and recovered from a rather intense month of December. The time in Portugal healed the last few wounds from 2018 and laid the path for 2019!

When we came back to Germany we took the first steps towards our new life: we started by selling our garden and sent out an email to someone we thought might want to buy our company. We also took some first steps regarding the bureaucracy of selling a company – and having me earn our income with my blog. Our plan was to sell the company in April, buy a motor home from the money, and have me feed the family from April onwards. And things happened exactly that way!

However, there’ve been a few up and down’s for sure. A few heavy ones.

The first buyer we had for our company made us think for eight weeks that he is going to buy the company and he finally cancelled the moment we wanted to sign the contract. It was late February by then and we thought we wouldn’t be able to find a new buyer (as we wanted to close everything down in April) … which we did after all! An even better one! Looking at it now, we are so happy that the first buyer cancelled and that we’ve been able to sell the company to a wonderful couple which is putting all their time and love into the company. We got exactly the amount of money that we needed to buy our dream motor home – a big eight meter long vehicle that my husband wasn’t even allowed to drive at the time because he didn’t have his truck driver’s license yet. But that’s for later. First we sold that company in April and emptied our office and warehouse.

It was a time of letting go what we had build up for the past three years. I was 36 weeks pregnant by then and almost ready to have that baby. We managed to finish everything in time (cleaning the storage and office, getting the apartment ready for the baby…) and I was given another four weeks of relaxing before yet another dream came true: giving birth at home to a wonderful baby boy.

I had three wishes for 2019: selling the business, having a home birth, and travelling Europe in a camper van. All three came true. The homebirth experience was just wonderful and I wrote about it back here (in German).

All while I was in bed with the baby, my husband spontaneously made a truck driver liscence so that we could buy that huge motor home that we fell in love with. We bought the vehicle, my husband got his liscence and we thought we would be ready to go now. As it turned out, though, we got tricked when we bought the motor home and there was A LOT to repair. We found ourselves in a situation where we sat in from of our lawyer getting ready for a legal dispute (the motor home wasn’t just a little broken here and there – the damage has obviously been hushed). Eventually we decided to accept things as they are and just go with what we have. We spent more money than we had into repairing the motor home but thanks to good friends, we’ve been able to borrow some money and pay all invoices coming in … there was one after the other coming as the repair took more and more and even more time.

We keep sticking to our decision to just trust and go with the flow as we had learned through our previous experiences this year that this is the best way to tackle things (worked out when the first buyer for the company disappeared, worked out when the first subleaser for our apartment jumped of, and worked out when our baby didn’t want to arrive on time). Everything turned out fine in the end: we got our motor home, perfectly refurbished, we had that dream baby, and I was able to earn enough money with my blog to have our big adventure coming into reality: moving into a motor home and travelling Europe. And so we started on September 13th 2019 with our journey on which we still are.

Currently we are in Spain, enjoying the sunshine and the Mediterrean Sea. We are about to meet some other vanlife families to all spend New Year’s Eve together. My girl made friends on the road (which we will re-meet tomorrow), my boy started crawling around the camper van, and I am still able to earn enough money for this dream life. Everything turned out best case scenario, I have to say. 2019 has been a year of dreams coming true.

Maybe you’ve read my blog post about 2017, which was one of the most challenging years of my life!? Or the one about 2018 which was the beginning of some major changes in life!? Well in 2019 it all paid off! And yet it feels like 2020 might be even better 😀

What did I learn in 2019? I learned to trust even more, to surrender even more, and to let go even more. However, I also learned that LOVE is all there is and that with love in my heart everything, even the heaviest throwbacks, feel light like a feather.  



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  1. Evelin
    Januar 1, 2020 / 4:00 pm

    A very happy New Year to you and your family! I am a quiet reader and follower, but steady, as you are one of very few bloggers covering ecological lifestyle topics, and although I am 20 years older than you lots of what you say resonates with me. And your bravery amazes me – as I would never have dared to just go off and live a year on the road with two small kids. So I am living precariously through you…. haha!
    Best wishes

    • Januar 3, 2020 / 4:45 pm

      Wow, thank you so much! Your comment makes me have goosebumbs of joy all over my body 😀
      I wish all the very best for 2020 and I hope you will continue enjoy reading about my little crazy life 🙂
      Best wishes!