5 Pregnancy Hacks – To keep your Energy and Mood!

I’m 31 weeks into my pregnancy and recently I had quite a few people asking me what I do to feel that fit and energized in my stage of pregnancy. And I was told by other mothers that they didn’t feel as energized as I do right now – so I was thinking it might be helpful to share 5 pregnancy hacks to keep your energy and your mood where you want it to be 🙂

What I mean when I say that I feel energized is basically that I do not feel tired during the day, that I love doing my work, that I still love travelling around to meet people or attend events, that I do yoga everyday, that I enjoy riding my bicycle to work, etc. However: it does NOT mean that I do not take breaks!

Just to anticipate this: I do take breaks and I think breaks are SO important when pregnant! So this is isn’t about how to keep on going 24/7 – but how to feel GOOD and unrestricted throughout pregnancy.


This may sound so obvious to some, but I know it isn’t obvious for many: spending your time doing things you love is SO important to feel energized and good with yourself!

I promise, my energy levels are much higher when I am about interviewing a fair fashion designer, attending an intersting event or working on a blog post – compared to when I have to clean the apartment or spend time with boring bureacracy tasks! It’s sometimes quite shocking how my energy dros dramatically when it is about cleaning the apartment… and how it rises as soon as I am back at doing something I love doing 😀

I am sure you know this feeling of being all filled up with energy and joy when doing something you truly love!? Especially when you are having a difficult pregnancy, I find it SO important to get this feeling as much possible. From all the hacks I am sharing here, this one works best and most effective for me!


I know you may feel tired and everything, but to keep on moving is truly important to keep your energy levels high!

In the first twelve weeks of my current pregnancy, I was very insecure because of the two miscarriages I had to experiences beforehand. I was tired, I didn’t feel like moving a lot, I took things veeeery easy and that was okay. However, even after those twelve weeks when the morning sickness disappeared, my energy level stayed rather low!

Since I spent a lot of time sitting or laying around, my belly starting pressing towards my breast and I ended up having some severe pain under my breast. When I finally went to see the doctor because of this pain, she told me to do yoga; every day for 20 minutes! She said if things wouldn’t change, I could still come back – but I should try that first.

I did yoga for three days in a row for 20 minutes and the pain was gone!

This is just one of many examples that proove that moving is of vital importance when you want to feel energized, fit, and healthy throughout pregnancy!

This isn’t about shape or anything, this is about having your muscles being able to support the weight that comes with the baby and the waters in your belly – and about making enough space for your organs, your lung, your stomach; and all of it.


You do yoga but you still feel pain in your lower back? You still have a hard time breathing? You still have issues with your symphysis? Go and see your osteopath!

So I had those pains under my breast that pretty much disappeared when I began doing yoga more regulary. However, I still had this back pain on the right side of my back. I had the exact same back pains during my first pregnancy and I was wondering where they came from. So I went to see an osteopath and this was pretty much life changing!

After 60 minutes not only was my back pain completely gone (and didn’t come back ever since!) but also was the tiny rest of the pain under my breast gone as well!


This is at least what I learned after seeing my osteopath!

On a sidenote: there are truly amazing osteopaths out there – and some who are not! Make sure to do some research beforehand, go somewhere, where you know the person is good in what she is doing!


I know; for many women pregnancy is the time where they eat pretty much everything – because now is the time, right? Well, you do yourself not actually a favor when doing so!

No matter if pregnant or not, eating a diet low in nutrients and high in fat will always make you feel tired. Whereas eating a diet rich in nutrients will always make you feel more energetic. That isn’t much of a surprise, is it!?

And even though you may think that you can just take your supplements and then things will be okay – it’s not. Sorry for saying so. But NOTHING is as effective as a diet rich in natural nutrients! This isn’t to say that you should not take your (natural and plant derived supplements) but just to undermine how important it is to truly eat well!

You can find some information about what I eat in a day in this post and some insights into which supplements I take in this post 🙂


Yes, this one is so important as well! Even though I love travelling, I love working, I love running around and just DO stuff – I am also getting loads of rest! Whenever my body tells me to take things easy, I will lay down and have a rest. I sleep between 8 and 9 hours every night, I have slow mornings (which is important for me because my circulatory systeme isn’t at it’s peak in the morning), I take breaks, etc.

So in the end it’s all about finding the right balance: between movement and rest, between good food and doing the things you love doing – and some extra help by an osteopath, just to make sure your pregnancy will be pain free 🙂

I hope this post was helpful for you and I would love to know if you have any pregnancy hacks to share with me :)!?


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