2018 – Thoughts, Plans, and More

Here we are in the New Year! My last blog post was all about how 2017 was the most challenging year of my life – so far. This post is all about what I want to change and do in 2018 to make this year more of a positive adventure and less of an exhausting challenge.

If you read my last post you know that my biggest problem in 2017 was that I simply did not have time for me. I had so much to do or had to be there for my little girl/my family/my company that I again and again forgot about myself. Towards the end of the year this made me not only very unhappy but also extremely tired and even sick. I got stress related eczema on my belly in the last week of the year; a very obvious sign to me that I need to change something, or well, a lot actually, in 2018.

I started into the New Year with a walk on a field of organic kale. And this I think is the best start I could have had. This year I do not only want to slow down and find inner peace again, but I also want to find true health, emotionally and physically. Spending the first few hours of the New Year on a field of kale, meditating on the beauty of nature, snacking on kale leafs (one of the most healing plants on earth), enjoying the morning sun and the cold wind was just very much perfect!

Now what exactly did I plan to slow down, to get healthy and happy again?

The very last days of the year 2017, I got the chance to finally get some me-time. My husband and little girl went to the organic farm where we spend New Year’s On December 29 already and I had December 29 to December 31 all for myself. I spent a lot of time listening to podcasts and reading to get some inspiration. I then went for a long walk and thought about what I actually miss, about the things that makes me happy, about what I can make to make 2018 a happier year. And I came up with a few things.

First of all I remembered how much I love to write. Writing to me is pure therapy. On December 30 I spend half of my day in front of the laptop, writing. And I finally was able to get rid of so many negative thoughts and emotions that followed me all throughout 2018 – by finally writing down the situations that had hurt. me I felt SO relieved after writing so I thought about how to include more writing into my life. And I decided to change a little bit on my blog. There will still be sustainable lifestyle posts every week and they will still be written in English. However, I will also write a weekly post in German. These posts will not include pictures (that would be too much work and I want to reduce my workload) and they will mainly be for me. My personal little therapy every week 😀 I will write about emotions, thoughts, maybe personal situations. Everything that comes to my mind. It will be personal and it will be German because that is my mother tongue and writing about very personal, emotional, and spontaneously things will just be easier for me in German.

Second there is solo travelling. I love to travel and I always used to travel a lot. I lived in Ghana, in France, in the US, and I travelled to all kinds of different destinations in Africa, Asia, and Europe. However, since I became a mother and a business owner travelling became more difficult. I still think that we as a family travel more than many families out there, but I miss travelling on my own. A LOT. It simply is something different when you are with your toddler compared to when you are alone and can do whatever you like. So on the last day of 2017 I booked some train tickets to Zurich to visit a friend and I booked some airplane tickets to Glasgow to visit another friend. I am very much looking forward to those trips.

Third there is the general work and life situation that needed to be organized in a new way. Since my husband and I both work in our company and our toddler is still at home (she will go to kindergarten from the end of January on) we have to organize everything: who is working when, what needs to be done, who is having little N., is there time for us as a couple, who is going to this or that meeting, and who is doing the groceries. We are already pretty good in planning; HOWEVER we still ended up in front of our laptops, working at night around 4 nights of the week last year. And I never really had a break anyway because I am the one who is cooking in our house so when the little one had her nap around noon, I was in the kitchen cooking. This year we cook together, all three of us, every night. And we cook enough to eat the leftovers the next day. Like that I can get a break at nap time – either to read a little, or to do work that I would have done at night, otherwise. The nights are laptop-free time and we plan what we are doing every single night (movie, reading, playing a board game, bathtub together…) because we realized when there is no fixed plan it is so much easier to turn on the laptop anyway. So far this works really good and we all love the evenings where we cook and spend time together in the kitchen.

Finally there is food. I already eat a pretty healthy diet. However, when I have a lot of stress it does happen that I make pasta with tomato sauce and broccoli four times per week. I tend to eat less fruit (and more readymade snacks instead) and I tend to eat less leafy greens when I feel a lot of pressure. However, tons of fruit and leafy greens are actually exactly what one needs when having a lot of work. So this year I want to improve my diet even more. Include even more fresh fruit, even more leafy greens, and less grains and readymade snacks into my daily life. From December 29 on (when I was home alone and had loads of time) I had leafy greens three times a day, I also had tons of fruits, and made sure to eat loads of herbs with lunch and dinner (herbs are among the healthiest things to eat with the most healing powers) and I could literally feel how my body fueled up. Now this year, the more work or pressure I feel, the more fruit and leafy greens I will eat. And I am sure this will help me a lot (it does  already, actually!)

Making that freshly picked kale the first thing I put into my mouth on January 1st definitely emphasizes that point 😀

Yes, so these are basically the four main points I changed in my life this year. There are other small points that I listed when I thought about my goals for 2018 but these here are the four most important ones.

If you have any wishes concerning my blog, please make sure to let me know in the comments! If you want me to write more about food, cosmetics, my personal thoughts or whatsoever, just let me know!

I am looking forward to read your opinion and I wish all of you a beautiful, happy, and healthy 2018!


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  1. Januar 4, 2018 / 1:54 am

    I definitely have felt a similar type of stress! I feel so exhausted and tired when I do not have some time to myself to recharge every so often. It’s definitely hard to make time for that with our busy lifestyles, but it helps so much. I hope you are able to find some peace and a good routine in this coming year 🙂

    And that kale farm looks awesome!